Arrow Star Says Oliver And Diggle Will Reunite Before Long


In most cases, whenever a particular series’ main character is left in precarious position at the end of the season finale, you normally expect for them to get out of whatever jam it may be very early on in the year to follow. When it comes to Arrow, Oliver Queen being in Supermax lockup probably won’t last for long, but the ramifications of him publicly admitting that he’s the Emerald Archer will be felt for some time.

Of course, at least one person taking up residence in Star City who’s losing a lot of sleep over Ollie being incarcerated is that of his best friend, John Diggle. Really, you have to imagine how taxing it must be to know you probably can’t do anything to get your pal out of the clink.

Luckily, we’ll see the two reunited before long, as actor David Ramsey offered the following while speaking at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, Australia:

“You know they’ll get back together soon. My man can’t stay away from me too long. My boo boo gotta come home.”

If we were to wager a guess, Oliver will remain in prison for a handful of episodes at most, not only because there exists the potential to tell some interesting stories with him being on the inside, but also due to the reality of viewers potentially losing interest if the titular hero isn’t fighting crime on the streets.

Plus, you just know there’s no way Stephen Amell isn’t getting a piece of the sweet action that’ll be the next mega crossover set to introduce Batwoman. After all, he announced the shindig to begin with.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday nights this fall on The CW.