Arrow Star Has Pitched A Birds Of Prey Spinoff To The CW

Black Canary

Arrow is set to end with its upcoming shortened eighth season, but fans are hoping that the story of the heroes of Star City will be continued in some kind of spinoff. A future-set show focusing on Mia Smoak and the rest of the next generation is a popular notion, but star Katie Cassidy Rodgers has another awesome idea: why not build a series around the Arrowverse’s own answer to the Birds of Prey in the form of Laurel Lance (Earth-2), Sara Lance and Dinah Drake?

In fact, the actress has even pitched the concept to the network. According to Newarama, Cassidy Rodgers explained:

“I’ve pitched it.  think they should. It’s time for women. Come on, we’ve got this.”

She’s right. Batwoman is joining the Arrowverse this fall, becoming the second female-led entry in the franchise following Supergirl. So, a Birds of Prey series could be the perfect addition to this growing trend and the thirst for more superheroines. Plus, Arrow season 7 already brought the trio together for a BoP-flavored episode titled “Lost Canary.”

While it would be a cool idea, there are probably a couple of obstacles stopping this from actually being greenlit. First of all, Warner Bros. has the Birds of Prey movie coming out next year and the studio has traditionally been very protective of sharing IPs that are currently in use with the television side of DC. Even if the idea was approved, though, The CW already made a Birds of Prey show back in the early 00s. Seeing as it was a bit of a flop, they might be reluctant to redo it.

As for the chances of an Arrow spinoff in general, CW president Mark Pedowitz has admitted that discussions have taken place, but no decisions have been made just yet. That being said, a new Arrowverse show is due for the 2020/21 season, but unfortunately, it’s been confirmed to not be related to the Emerald Archer.