Did Arrow’s 150th Episode Really Kill Off [SPOILERS]?


Arrow reached its 150th – 150th! – episode last night and celebrated in style with a documentary-like episode in which a bunch of past stars of the show reappeared for welcome cameos. However, while it was nice to see these familiar faces, we might never see a couple of others again, as the episode suggested that they’d been killed off-screen.

“Emerald Archer” saw Star City’s vigilantes being hunted down by Chimera, a former mental patient with an apparent grudge against masked heroes. Oliver and company managed to save his sister Emiko Queen from Chimera’s clutches, but a glimpse at his collection of masks – which he keeps as trophies once he’s battled them – told us of two vigilantes who weren’t so lucky.

Chimera has in his possession the cowl of Rory Regan/Ragman and the domino mask of Helena Bertinelli AKA the Huntress. Put that together with the reveal that Team Arrow’s attempts to contact Rory and Helena haven’t been successful and we’re left with the distinct impression that Chimera managed to kill both of these former allies of the Green Arrow.

Joe Dinicol did appear in “Emerald Archer,” as Rory was interviewed for the fictional documentary featured in the episode, but the footage was gathered over several years, so this doesn’t confirm that he’s alive. For instance, the late Quentin Lance was also interviewed (allowing Paul Blackthorne to return for a cameo). Jessica De Gouw, meanwhile, hasn’t been seen on Arrow since season 2 and even if she was able to come back, WB probably wouldn’t allow it due to the Huntress appearing in Birds of Prey

You might think that both Huntress and Ragman would be able to hold their own against Chimera, but after seeing what he did to Emiko and coming close to chopping Wild Dog in half, their chances don’t look too good. We’ll have to keep watching Arrow season 7 to see if perhaps The CW’s just pulling a fast one on viewers, but in the meantime, tell us, do you think these characters are truly dead? Be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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