Arrow’s Ricardo Diaz May Not Be Dead, And Here’s Why


Though I’m sure many of you are still talking about Felicity Smoak revealing that she’s pregnant, my big takeaway from the past Monday’s episode of Arrow was the arrival of Dante. If you also tuned in, then you saw him make a big impact by holding his own against Oliver Queen, before later meeting with Emiko. Suffice it to say, she has history with the new big bad in town.

But before “Brothers & Sisters” could conclude, somebody managed to burn Ricardo Diaz alive in his cell at ARGUS. And while their identity remained a mystery to viewers, it was apparent that “the Dragon” instantly recognized them. Of course, this has led some to believe Diaz is dead, but we’re not so sure.

Those familiar with Green Arrow comics published during the Rebirth era should remember Dante’s literary counterpart, not to mention his crime syndicate, the Ninth Circle. Basically, they act as bankers for some of the world’s nastiest organizations, an idea that’s carried over to television.

What’s also worth mentioning is how they employ agents known as “the Burned,” whom, as you probably guessed, live up to their namesake. In fact, it wouldn’t be foolish to assume that Diaz is being added to their ranks. Perhaps the immolation was a punishment deemed fit by Dante, or even some warped way of rewarding him.

I was a bit surprised though to see a more normal looking, dapper Dante on Monday because he’s quite grotesque in the comics. Thus, his appearance causes me to consider two possibilities: that either he’ll soon be burned himself, or that he already has been and his face was covered by some sort of prosthetic mask.

When it comes to the Ninth Circle as a whole, it remains to be seen how much they’ll be involved in the current season, or if they’re mostly being saved for the next. Either way, what’s to come is sure to be a treat for those who love reading stuff written by Benjamin Percy.

Arrow airs on Monday nights on The CW.