Arrow’s Stephen Amell Has A Cool Idea For Crisis On Infinite Earths


Even if you know Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s Crisis on Infinite Earths trade paperback forward and backward, odds are you still don’t know what to expect from its TV adaptation for the most part. Though the crossover event will no doubt reshape the Arrowverse landscape forever and probably pare it down to one coherent universe, no one can be too sure of what’ll transpire. In other words, we’re more so dealing with an “inspired by” type of situation.

Fortunately, San Diego Comic-Con dropped more than a few bombshells, where it was revealed that both Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh will suit up as different iterations of Superman, with the latter portraying the Man of Steel from the Kingdom Come timeline. And if that weren’t enough, LaMonica Garrett’s pulling double duty as the Monitor and Anti-MonitorElizabeth Tulloch returns as Lois Lane, and Batman ’66 alum Burt Ward will show up as well.

From the sound of it, Arrow‘s Stephen Amell may lend generous influence on whatever’s set to unfold, saying this to Green Arrow TV while appearing at SDCC:

“An idea that I pitched that is being pitched out in the coming weeks. I think it’s really cool idea. Burt Ward’s cool. I mean, I hope I get to work with Brandon Routh, but more than that, I have this one idea that I think would be so cool and I hope we can make it happen.”

While we have no idea what this cool idea is, I personally hope that it involves Smallville‘s Tom Welling returning as his own iteration of Clark Kent/Superman for “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Hey, he’s already been rumored for it, so fingers remain crossed that everything works out.

To say that Amell has serious pull at Arrowverse offices is an understatement, so let’s hope the right people listen to him and approve whatever he’s proposed. Actually, the whole Kingdom Come Superman thing was an idea of Brandon Routh’s, so you never really know what these guys will come up with.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.