Arrow’s Stephen Amell Says This Fall’s DC TV Crossover Is Like A Four-Hour Movie


With The CW being able to claim serious bragging rights due to the fact that they’re home to a shared DC TV universe, it only makes sense that the various shows populating it not only intermingle here and there, but come together for a full-on crossover each fall. Just last week, the fan base went nuts upon finding out that this year’s offering has been dubbed “Crisis on Earth-X,” therefore making it the most ambitious to date. Not meaning to sound boastful, but we did call this before any official announcement was made.

Having had the honor of taking part in each crossover thus far, it seems only natural that Arrow‘s Stephen Amell be one of the first to talk publicly about this monumental prime time event. When speaking at Salt Lake Comic Con, he touched on the evolution this process has gone through each year, something devoted viewers should be able to recall as well. But what was most interesting of all was that he hinted at this year’s mashup as being one fluid story spanning various series:

“When we first did the crossover, I guess back in our third season and The Flash’s first season, it was very much like ‘It’s an episode of The Flash where I show up, and then an episode of Arrow where he shows up. And even last year, it was like ‘You know, Flash showed up on Supergirl, and then it was an episode of The Flash, an episode of Arrow, and an episode of Legends.’ But this year is just a four-hour movie.”

Even though last year’s crossover was certainly something to remember, I have to agree with the common criticism that it felt more like three individual episodes with a connecting thread as opposed to a miniseries. In fact, I even said that Arrow’s portion could be viewed as a standalone in my review of season 5’s Blu-ray. But thankfully, it sounds like what we’ll get this fall is what we’ve all been dreaming about.

Actually, Amell hammered home that point with what he had to say next:

“Technically it goes SupergirlArrowFlash, and Legends. But you’re not supposed to be watching the Supergirl hour going ‘Okay, this is the Supergirl hour.’ It’s just the first hour of the crossover.”

Arrow returns for its sixth season on Thursday, October 12 on The CW.