Arrow’s Stephen Amell Teases “Unapologetic” Season Finale


You know, one must really feel for people who live in the fictional worlds seen on television. Seriously, their anxiety levels must spike once May rolls around because they know in their bones that, invariably, the scheisse is about to hit the fan with full force.

This especially holds true for the inhabitants of Star City, for that metropolis is home to some sort of great calamity on a nearly annual basis. In fact, Quentin Lance once joked that “it must be May” in a prior Arrow finale when some bad stuff was about to go down.

Having said all that, it came as no surprise when lead actor Stephen Amell offered the following cryptic and portentous words while speaking at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Nashville over the weekend:

“I really hope you dig the finale this week. I think it’s really cool, I think it’s visually interesting. I think it’s unapologetic, and I think that it leaves everyone with a great deal of certainty of where every character is except you might not like all the places that they are.”

Hearing that multiple characters may be left in dire straits reminds me of how the Smallville writers used to place several of their own in predicaments as each season came to a close. And judging by what Amell had to say, I may have just drawn an accurate parallel.

Of course, there’s no real way to know how the status quo will be greatly affected until showtime, but we were told not long ago to expect quite the game-changer. Plus, Paul Blackthorne will soon be making his exit as the aforementioned Quentin Lance, so it’s easy to assume that his character has a rough time ahead.

Be sure to check out the season finale of Arrow this Thursday night on The CW.