Arrow Showrunner Says Season 6 Finale Is A Real Game-Changer


Arrow‘s sixth season so far has featured several elements that could be considered game-changing. Team Arrow has broken apart over the past little while, Willa Holland – who had been part of the show since the very beginning – appeared for the last time and let’s not forget this was the first run not to utilize the flashback structure that fueled the first five years.

However, it seems this has all been paving the way for something huge that’s set to happen in the season 6 finale. In a recent interview, Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim promised that the upcoming climax of the current run of The CW’s DC TV show will be “unconventional” and “a real game-changer.”

“It’s gonna be interesting. It’s very, you know, I’ve been saying it’s an unconventional kind of finale. It still feels very much like a season finale. When I first started talking about it we hadn’t written the darn thing yet, but now we’ve written it and we’re in prep on it and on Monday we start shooting. And it’s a real game-changer.”


Intriguingly, Guggenheim went on to hint that this finale, which will “fundamentally change” the series, has been planned from the very beginning of the season. The EP hopes that fans will be surprised by whatever it is that’s revealed, though they’ll ultimately feel that everything has been leading up to this.

“The show fundamentally changes in the finale and I think you’ll see there’s stuff that we were seeding back in the season premiere that finally comes to fruition here in the season finale, so you’ll see that there was a very specific plan to the entire season. We always knew that this is where we were headed to. So, hopefully in subtle ways have been teasing this all along without you realizing it. My hope is that people are surprised, but also look back and are like oh, that was kind of the only way that they could have ended the season.”

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This isn’t the first time the producer has teased that fans should be expecting something big. Guggenheim previously promised that season 6 will end on a massive cliffhanger, though not one that’s as literally explosive as the final moments of season 5. If you remember, that episode saw Oliver fearing that his friends had perished on an explosion on Lian Yu, as caused by Prometheus.

At the time of writing. we’ve still got a few weeks to go until the finale is here, but be sure to catch Arrow 6×19 “The Dragon” this Thursday, April 19th on The CW.

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