Arrowverse Concept Artist Teases Batman Beyond Designs


One thing I’ve noticed in the time I’ve been a writer is how the mere mention of Batman Beyond sends readers into a frenzy. Actually, that doesn’t surprise me much, because in the time since the beloved animated series that chronicled the adventures of a future Dark Knight left airwaves, the only things that continued its legacy outside of the comic book medium were that of an epilogue episode of Justice League Unlimited and a DC Nation short years later.

Still, hope remains that the folks over at Warner Bros. Animation will go ahead with a direct-to-video movie at some point, or, Zod forbid, something in the live action realm. Of course, the latter seems far less likely, but many of you will agree with me in saying that a flesh-and-blood Terry McGinnis is long overdue.

To my delight, Arrowverse concept artist Andy Poon recently dropped some teasers over on his Instagram page, showing that he’s working on something related to Batman Beyond. Granted, if indeed Terry were coming to the Arrowverse, he’d be kept under wraps until the official announcement came down, but we’re no less intrigued.

To me, it looks slightly reminiscent of the redesign that Bernard Chang did in the comics back in early 2017, but it’s still got the Poon touch to it. Now, I didn’t rule out the possibility of this being for fun, but he did confess that an actual costume is being made:

“Beyond. Refining some more details and flushing out the sculpt some more. I won’t be revealing the whole final image for a little while because we are actually going to be producing a prototype helmet and then reveal it all at once. We will be making the suit as well. Thanks for being patience.”

So, before you jump to the conclusion that Terry will soon be headed to The CW, please note that Poon hashtagged this with “personal project,” meaning he could be drawing up something for a fan film or is working closely with somebody that sells custom costumes.

Regardless, you have to admit that the character of Terry McGinnis would be a good fit for Legends of Tomorrow, so maybe once a tangible Batman Beyond costume sees the light of day it’ll get the producers talking. There’s a lot of red tape to cut through, sure, but never say never.