Arrowverse Fans Are Loving The Superman & Lois Premiere


Superman & Lois finally premiered on The CW last night and Arrowverse fans are already loving it. Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Mr. and Mrs. Kent have been knocking around the network’s DC shared universe for years, but this was their first shot in the limelight, with S&L promising to be a unique entry in the franchise. And with its own more mature tone and increased cinematic feel, the show looks to be an instant hit with viewers.

#SupermanAndLois and #Superman were both trending topics on Twitter last night, with social media being full of hype and excitement for the series premiere and what’s to come next week. Most people were hooked on it from the off, thanks to the spectacular opening montage through Clark’s life, from his Kryptonian birth to his first public appearance as the Man of Steel. And you can check out some of the reactions down below, though do note that spoilers can be found from this point on.

The highlight of this montage was seeing Hoechlin in a recreation of the classic Superman suit from the iconic 1940s animated shorts, complete with the red trunks.

This scene is really making a big impact due to its old-fashioned portrayal of the hero.

And there were plenty more homages to the character’s past in there, too, including a nod to a sequence from Superman III. 

On the other hand, Superman & Lois isn’t just about easter eggs. Many were impressed with the pilot’s effective handling of Jordan Kent’s (Alex Garfin) mental health issues.

The premiere is also surprisingly standalone, with nary a reference to the rest of the Arrowverse’s heroes. This led to some mixed reactions from fans, however.

But it’s hard to stay mad when it’s delivering epic shots like this one.

It’s all you could want from a Superman show.

The episode ended with a big reveal – Wolé Parks’ mysterious villain is really an alternate version of Lex Luthor from another world that was destroyed in the Crisis.

Folks have a new favorite Superman.

Don’t miss Superman & Lois when it continues next week on The CW, but in the meantime, let us know if you were impressed with the pilot in the comments section down below.