Arrowverse Heroes Come Together In New Crisis On Earth-X Photos


In under two weeks’ time, the four shows that make up the Arrowverse will unite for their annual crossover event. This year’s outing promises to be the biggest yet, as the gang will have to face off against their Nazi doppelgangers from another Earth. Hence the event’s title, “Crisis on Earth-X.” It’s also set to feature more heroes in one place than ever before. Recently, Brandon Routh teased a scene where nigh on 20 characters will appear on board the Waverider. And now, thanks to these new promo images, we don’t have to imagine what that will look like.

The pics come from the big climax to the crossover that will take place on Legends of Tomorrow. Season 3, episode 8 will form “Crisis on Earth-X: Part 4” and, as you can see, will feature just about every major hero from the Arrowverse. Not to mention many of the supporting cast, too. Namely, Supergirl‘s Alex Danvers, Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak and The Flash‘s Harry Wells, Iris West and Cisco Ramon.

Oh, and if one of their number doesn’t look familiar, there’s a reason for that. The guy in the golden helmet is The Ray (played by Russell Tovey), who will be making his debut in the crossover before spinning off into his own animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray, set on Earth-X.

Though these images are mostly just exciting team-up shots, we can still gather some plot points from the photos. An obvious one is that Oliver and Felicity will have a big, dramatic moment. No doubt Ollie is set to risk his life again, leaving Felicity heartbroken.

Also note how Melissa Benoist is in hospital gown and leaning on Felicity in some shots. Given the fact that she’s also not in the line-up photos, it looks like Supergirl will be taken out of the fight. After all, that makes sense from a story perspective: taking the team’s biggest asset out of the equation at the final hurdle should really raise the stakes.

“Crisis on Earth-X” will unite the Arrowverse on the week starting Monday, November 27th. It kicks off with Arrow and Supergirl and concludes the following evening with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.