New Arrowverse Theory Says Brainiac Will Be The Next Major Crossover Villain

The Flash

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” felt like the Arrowverse crossover to end all Arrowverse crossovers, but nope, The CW will be making more. It’s going to be hard to top the scale of this past season’s event, however. It’s probably impossible, in fact, to go even bigger than a threat to the totality of all existence, but one way to attempt to best it would be to bring in one of the more iconic villains in DC’s library. None other than Brainiac.

ScreenRant has pitched that the Collector of Worlds is the perfect antagonist for the next Arrowverse crossover and they point to how Brainiac has been heavily alluded to, without being shown, for many years now. Two of his descendants – Indigo (AKA Brainiac-8) and Brainy (Brainiac-5) – have played key roles on Supergirl, for one, but the evil android known as Vril Dox has yet to appear. After so much build-up, he surely has to show his green face at some point, right?

Given his popularity with fans, SR even suggests that Blake Ritson’s version from SYFY’s much-missed Krypton could be brought over to the Arrowverse in the next crossover. Cameron Cuffe was supposed to turn up as Seg-El in “Crisis,” but he couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts, so there’ve been plans to connect the Arrowverse and Krypton before. This could directly wrap up Krypton‘s take or bring Ritson on as an alternate doppelgänger of Brainiac from Earth-Prime.

It just so happens that the crossover for the 2021 season will be a two-hander between the casts of Superman & Lois and Batwoman. So, with Clark Kent being at the heart of the next event, Brainiac would definitely be a strong choice as its big villain. We’ve got to know many of Superman’s greatest enemies over on Supergirl, but the callous Coluan is the odd one out. Well, except for Darkseid, but maybe the Arrowverse isn’t quite ready for him yet.

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