Game Of Thrones Season Six Won’t Be Kind To Arya, Says Maisie Williams


If you’re sick to the back teeth of hearing about Kit Harington’s involvement in Game of Thrones season six, then fear not. Here’s some news about the gloomy fate that awaits another fan-favorite character: Arya Stark. The last time we saw the young lass she was, well, blind and dealing with that condition bestowed upon her by the Many-Faced God.

Despite a recent batch of EW covers highlighting the show’s strong female leads (which you can check out at the bottom of this page), all appearing perfectly coiffed, life’s a lot harder for Arya than making sure her bangs aren’t crooked.


According to actress Maisie Williams, who spoke to the outlet again about her character’s arc in season six, it’s only going to get worse:

“People don’t realize last season Arya went blind. Last season people asked: ‘Is she dead?’ I’m all, ‘No, she’s blind.’ It’s too easy to kill her. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Game of Thrones it’s that death is the easy way out. They’re gonna keep her and make her have a [bad] time. Look at Reek. I was so up for the contacts. I love having something weird going on on the set. There’s never a day where I just sat and did dialogue there’s always something going on.”

That ‘something’ will demand a much more physical performance from Williams, whose training under the Many-Faced God won’t just be a matter of doing pull-ups:

“I feel like I got a good one this time: Arya is being more physical again, but she’s blind. So her training has progressed even more, but it’s on a more physical level and a more technical level because she’s lost her eyes. And I love doing stunts. I’m so happy I’ve got some again. Last year, people have been like, ‘Arya’s sweeping floors!’ And everything I tweet, they’re like, ‘Oysters, clams and cockles!’ It’s part of the training, okay? It’s what goes into that. And this year there is more of that, but it’s also more exciting.”

As mentioned above, the whole Jon Snow obsession has reached saturation point. Whether he’s dead or alive it’s a topic that needs to be laid to rest (ahem) so we can focus on characters who are actually still in the show. Like Arya, who’s had a far more interesting journey in recent seasons. And by the sounds of it, that will continue.

We’ll find out exactly what fate has in store for Ned Stark’s whippersnapper when Game Of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24, 2016.