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Bruce Campbell Has Some Choice Words For Those Who Pirate Ash Vs. Evil Dead

The producer and lead actor of Starz's Ash Vs. Evil Dead had some choice words for those who illegally download the cult horror series.

Game of Thrones may be the most-pirated television show in the land – season 7 alone was reportedly pirated over a billion times – but it’s not the only one to fall prey to illegal torrents.

Take Ash Vs. Evil Dead as an example. The cult horror series, which began life as a sequel to Sam Raimi’s iconic trilogy, chronicles the post-apocalyptic journey of Ash Williams, who hasn’t lost his appetite for slaughtering Deadites left, right, and center, even on the wrong side of 50.

And though Starz’s Ash Vs. Evil Dead has carved out an audience to call its own, particularly as that audience braces for the oncoming third season, Bruce Campbell (Williams) has gone on record to criticize those who seek out new episodes via illicit channels. The actor, who is known for his signature sarcasm, voiced his frustration during a recent book signing in Sacramento (via 1428 Elm), and called out those who pirate Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

And you can’t fault Campbell’s reasoning. Without a healthy viewership that tunes into Starz week in, week out, Ash Vs. Evil Dead runs the risk of cancellation, and that’s the last thing we want for Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, and Tom Spezialy’s horror-comedy.

Here’s that impassioned quote from Bruce Campbell himself:

4/5 of you can kiss my ass! Oh, why did they cancel Ash vs Evil Dead? Where did that show go? Right up into the air … You know what? Hey, you slackers out there. Ash vs Evil Dead is one of the most illegally downloaded shows! Why did it get canceled? Because you are all loyal criminals.

Also starring Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo and Lucy Lawless, Ash Vs. Evil Dead will be back on our screens on February 25th, 2018. Tell us, will you be tuning in to the “jaw-dropping” third season? You can, as always, leave your thoughts below.

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