‘Attack on Titan’ episode 78 synopsis and promo pic tease the Rumbling

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by Keane eacobellis

If the score and imagery of the final Attack on Titan opening sequence haven’t already tipped you off that the Rumbling is inevitable, you might be in for a treat during next week’s episode 78, “Two Brothers.”

Episode 77, “Sneak Attack,” ended with a cliffhanger on Sunday, with Zeke’s Beast Titan incapacitated by General Magath and a wounded Eren slowly making his way towards him. The plan is for Eren to touch Zeke, which given the latter’s royal blood, will activate the Founding Titan’s powers in the protagonist. Eren, in turn, will utilize that power to awaken the Colossal Titans manning the walls of Paradis, causing the event known as the Rumbling to serve as a deterrent against the world.

Now, the popular anime’s official website has posted the synopsis and promotional photo for the upcoming 78th episode, “Two Brothers,” which you can see below.

“The two Titans, the Beast Titan and the Founder Titan, hold the key to the situation, and the struggle between the people spreads. What lies ahead for the brothers as their thoughts and memories intersect?” As translated by @AttackOnFans

“Two Brothers” – Courtesy of shingeki.tv

All hints seem to indicate that the Rumbling will indeed take place, though what Eren sees once his powers are activated is up for debate. If we had to take a guess, though, we’d say that viewers will finally learn the truth about the origins of the Titans and Ymir Fritz, the ancestor of all Eldians.

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