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‘Attack on Titan’ fans are freaking out over “Two Brothers”

Today's episode of Attack on Titan ended with a cliffhanger that no one could've possibly predicted last week.

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Attack on Titan episode 78, “Two Brothers.”

Today’s episode of Attack on Titan didn’t waste a single moment getting into the nitty-gritty of the fight between Paradis and Marley in Shiganshina, though not every fan is going to be happy with all that happened in this action-packed outing.

“Two Brothers” opens with Eren making his way to an injured Zeke. Reiner intercepts and pins him down, buying some time for the Marleyan military. Meanwhile, Jean, Armin, and Mikasa make their way to the Cart Titan to delay General Magath. Colt implores Zeke to not scream, but the Boy Wonder releases a deafening shriek, transforming the Eldian soldiers and commanders into Pure Titans.

Magath manages to get another shot in, completely incapacitating Zeke. Reiner, now knowing that Eren’s plan can’t come to fruition, allows the transformed Falco to eat him and inherit the Armored Titan. Galliard interrupts them and sacrifices himself to save Falco. Reiner attacks Eren in a feat of fury, but the protagonist comes out of his Attack Titan and runs for Zeke, who’s revealed to be alive.

It’s in these moments that the episode’s most shocking event transpires. As Eren is running towards Zeke, Gabi picks up the anti-Titan rifle and shoots his head off, seemingly killing our main character. But Eren’s head lands on Zeke’s outstretched hand, and the two finally connect via Zeke’s royal blood.

This apparently allows Eren to survive death, but without his body, a lot of Attack on Titan fans are now feeling uncertain about the character’s ultimate fate. Here are some of the things they’ve been sharing on Twitter.


It’ll be interesting to see how Eren and Zeke’s confrontation in the Paths will play out next week, but if the episode’s title, “Memories of the Future,” is any indication, the two of them will be using Ymir’s powers to see what lies ahead for the Titans and the Eldian people.

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