All Attack On Titan Regiments, Explained

While Attack on Titan may at first seem like a show about civilizations’ war against the mysterious monsters beyond its walls, viewers are eventually introduced to the complex inner workings of society behind the walls.

One of the key factors towards peace for these people is the activity of the military. The military system in the show is in charge of policing what goes on not only behind the walls but also scouting further into the distance seeking answers and assisting those stuck in need.

The system can be broken down into three regiments who all boast their own unique tasks that they are in charge of protecting the civilians and the walls themselves.

All military regiments in Attack on Titan

Scout Regiment

The Scout Regiment is the most well-known of the three as it takes center stage from the early episodes of the show. These soldiers are tasked with scouting the area outside of the walls, setting up camps, resupplying stations, and building more titan defenses outside the wall, but their main focus is on titan combat. Those who join the Scout Regiment are usually the most skilled fighters with the exception of those that choose to join the Military Police. Scouts are trained to use the Omni-directional mobility gear prevalent in the show so that they can more easily traverse combat and take down titan targets. Given their work, the Scout Regiment has the highest mortality rate amongst all of the military.

Military Police Regiment

Skilled soldiers who choose not to venture outside the walls usually end up in the Military Police. This regiment of the military is dedicated to policing what goes on within the walls. Their two main duties are maintaining order for the people and protecting the royal family. Instead of the Omni-directional mobility gear, these soldiers wield traditional rifles as their weapon of choice. As is established throughout the show, the Military Police is rife with corruption and some of the members use their position to exploit civilians for their food and resources.

Garrison Regiment

The Garrison Regiment is the final part of the military and also the largest. This regiment takes in all the soldiers who couldn’t make it into either of the other two divisions due to lack of skill or fear of everything outside the walls. These soldiers are tasked with patrolling and repairing the walls, as well as assisting civilians in preparing and evacuating from titan attacks. Soldiers in the Garrison Regiment have trained to use Omni-directional mobility gear in combat should the need arise during their duties.