Avengers Tower Spotted On New Daredevil Season 3 Poster


Today’s been a very good day for Daredevil fans. With the release of a new trailer, Marvel and Netflix revealed that the highly-anticipated third season of the show will arrive in just under a month’s time. To follow that up, they’ve also dropped a new poster which sees the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen pulling a Christ-like pose surrounded by New York landmarks off-set with an eye-wateringly red color scheme.

The funny thing is that if you look closely at the image (pro tip: try squinting and leaning to the side), then you’ll see that the distinctive shape of the old Avengers Tower can be spotted in the NYC skyline. This continues a bit of a running joke that the Tony Stark-funded skyscraper is featured in posters for the Marvel/Netflix shows (see also previous Daredevil and Jessica Jones promo images) to remind audiences that they’re part of the MCU.

As those who pay close attention know, however, the Avengers Tower is conspicuous in its absence from the shots of New York featured in the series themselves. Obviously, the real-world explanation for this is that they can’t afford to CGI the building in every time they show the city, but it’s a bit confusing seeing as the Defenders are supposed to share a home with the Avengers.

Continuity discrepancies aside, Daredevil season 3 looks to be spectacular from what we’ve seen and heard so far. Based on the seminal “Born Again” comics arc, it’ll see Matt Murdock returning from his presumed death and battling Wilson Fisk once again. However, this time it looks like the Kingpin of crime will have the upper hand and the vigilante will be driven to considering murder to deal with him once and for all. Oh yeah, and Bullseye’s finally going to appear.

Daredevil returns to New York’s rooftops – and Netflix – on October 19th.