Batman: The Animated Series Gets Hilarious Honest Trailer


After witnessing the likes of Justice League, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Beware the Batman being granted Blu-ray releases, fans have probably wondered what’s been the holdup when it comes to Batman: The Animated Series getting the same treatment. Granted, those other shows are more recent and require less in the way of polishing, but that doesn’t change the fact that many of us have been waiting impatiently for such a thing to happen.

Fortunately, we’re now able to put such speculation behind us, as the series responsible for first introducing us to Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill’s respective versions of Batman and the Joker has been given a high-definition upgrade.

Not being the type of people to let such a momentous occasion pass without offering their two cents, the folks over at Honest Trailers have seized the opportunity and finally rolled out an amusing video package focused squarely on Batman: The Animated Series itself, and it can be viewed below.

As you may have noticed, this is one of those rare instances when the narrator doesn’t tear apart a production due to plot holes and/or poor characterization, with the cartoon often recognized as being the definitive take on the Dark Knight given much respect. Sure, some of the low points are highlighted, but those were few and far between, as you may recall.

Instead, we’re provided a hilarious look back at what sprang from the minds of Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and other creative geniuses. Personally, I really liked the part devoted to the Caped Crusader scaring the crap out of an aging Jim Gordon at various times, but there’s much else to enjoy here.

With that, it’s encouraged that you pick up Batman: The Animated Series as a complete set on Blu-ray and keep watching this space for more, as our review will arrive in the very near future.

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