Gotham’s Bat-Symbol Teased In New Promo For Final Two Episodes


Gotham is about to reach its end, but in this case, when one door closes a Dark Knight rises. Yes, young Bruce Wayne will finally take on the mythical mantle of the Batman in the upcoming season 5 and series finale, but first of all we’ve got a month’s break before the show returns for its final leg of two last episodes.

To keep us going until then, FOX has released a promo for these next two hours of the series, which teases Bruce armor-ing himself up with a proto-Batman suit as he and Selina stand alongside friends and enemies alike in order to protect Gotham City from the demented Bane. This is cool enough, of course, but the final shot of the teaser will be the most exciting for fans.

As bats tear through the streets, Bruce looks up at one as it flies in front of the moon. Hmm, a bat surrounded by an oval shape. Why does that seem so familiar?

As Bat-aficionados will know, Bruce typically gets the idea for his crime-fighting alter ego from watching a bat flying into Wayne manor. It looks like Gotham will twist this somewhat so that one of the creatures is specifically responsible for not just his name but also the Bat-symbol itself. Furthermore, it can’t be a coincidence that the bat silhouetted against the moon resembles an iconic shot from 1989’s Batman.

From what we understand, the series finale will skip ahead 10 years into the future, so that we might get a glimpse of Gotham‘s characters taking their traditional places in the Bat-mythos. Thanks to leaked set pics, we’ve already got our first look at the show’s Batman suit – as well as a glimpse at the final form of Cameron Monaghan’s almost-Joker. And you can catch the rest of them when Gotham season 5 concludes next month on FOX.