More Closeup Shots Of Gotham’s Final Joker Look Leak Online


I don’t know about you, but I feel a certain kind of nostalgia whenever any TV series I’ve enjoyed nears its conclusion. Really, I can’t help reflecting on how much happened in whatever fictional world it was – and in the real world, for that matter – during that timespan. And while Gotham lasted half as long as Smallville, it sure did produce some memorable moments.

Now, with only three episodes remaining, the Batman prequel series looks to prove that it isn’t finished contributing what it can to the lasting mythos. After all, we have a full-on Bane to anticipate for this Thursday night, not to mention a ten-year time jump to come in the finale itself. In other words, we’ll see how the heroes and villains evolve before fading to black.

Personally, I’m really eager to see Cameron Monaghan put another spin on the Joker. From the look of it, that acid bath Jeremiah Valeska endured at Ace Chemicals sure did a number on his skin (zero out of five dermatologists would recommend). And for those who can’t wait for the finale itself, know that another batch of images have leaked onto Instagram, and can be viewed below. These aren’t quite as good as those HD photos we saw exactly one month ago, though I’d say they’re among the better ones out there.

As you may have noticed, it’s the same two photos repeated, as “Skull101ify” tried to clean up the image quality a little bit while also sharing the originals. Either way, this has to be one of the most nightmarish visions of the Clown Prince of Crime ever produced.

In addition to the Ace of Knaves, expect to see both Batman and Catwoman as well. But when it comes to their costumes, I’d deem the Dark Knight as looking fairly passable, whereas someone forgot to put the “Cat” in “Catwoman” when designing her threads.

Gotham airs on Thursday nights on Fox, with the series finale expected to debut on April 25th.

Source: Instagram