Leaked Gotham Photos Reveal Catwoman’s Final Costume


On the one hand, we have every right to be excited about Gotham‘s series finale. After all, there’s no better way to cap off a five-year run than spending most of the concluding episode ten years into the future so that we can see what became of our favorite villains – and see the Batman that this iteration of Bruce Wayne grew into.

But on the other, the costuming could wind up leaving a bad taste in the mouths of viewers. Though I can somewhat appreciate what they’ve done with the Joker by showing what it’d look like if a guy fell into a vat of acid, the Dark Knight’s getup looks like a DIY cosplay. Of course, final judgment should be reserved because the highly criticized Bane is poised to deliver a fine performance in next Thursday’s episode.

So, while I may grow to accept each of the fellas that I just mentioned, I’m still skeptical when it comes to Catwoman. Seeing as how she’s my favorite female character – period – you can understand why people such as I could be put off by the following two images that’ve leaked online. Hey, Batman may look like DIY cosplay, but at least he’d stand a chance at walking away with some prize money. Selina Kyle, meanwhile, probably can’t say the same.

Though she most definitely looks like a burglar, there’s nothing really “cat” about what’s seen here aside from the claws on the gloves. Furthermore, the person who got their hands on these photos says that Selina will be played by Lili Simmons in the finale, which is understandable since Camren Bicondova is only 19 years of age. Simmons may be 25, sure, but the producers do need to show how she’ll look a decade from now.

According to actor Cameron Monaghan, Gotham‘s series finale is set to air on Thursday, April 25th, so be sure to mark your calendar. If you do the math, that means several reruns will occupy the space between “I am Bane” and the final two installments. Be patient, my friends.

Source: Imgur