New Hi-Res Gotham Finale Photos Reveal Best Look At Joker Yet

Joker Gotham Season 5

Given all that’s transpired over the past 24 hours or so, I think it’s safe to say we can put our suspicions as to whether or not Gotham‘s series finale will feature the Joker to bed. After all, there was that grainy photo showing Cameron Monaghan sporting a purple suit and heavy makeup making its rounds just yesterday.

This time, though, we’re presenting two more images that have surfaced, but they’re actually high resolution closeups. And I’m going to be completely honest here in saying that once you check out the gallery below, you’re either going to like the look or you’re not.

As previously speculated, this could be in an effort not to have this series’ version of the Clown Prince of Crime appear too close to the traditional version of the character due to mandates from WB’s motion picture division. Then again, Jeremiah Valeska already looks like a spot-on Joker, only with differences in lipstick and hair color.

Of course, the answer could be two-fold, as it’s already been stated how Jeremiah will soon undergo some sort of transformative experience. Given that, the producers may want there to be ample visual evidence of just that. From the look of it, this’ll come via showing how it’d appear if a guy actually fell into a vat of acid.

Though I’m guessing the scarring is easier for people to accept, it may be the stringy hair that welcomes criticism most. If you were to ask me, we should applaud the Ace of Knaves for his courage because he owns that sh#t. Had I lost my hair, I’d either get a wig or shave my head entirely.

But no matter which side of the fence you’re on, I hope we can all be happy about one thing: in the end, Cameron Monaghan played the one, true Joker.

Gotham airs on Thursday nights on Fox.