Batwoman Confirms Mr. Freeze Exists On Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime


Since its debut last year, Batwoman has frequently featured subtle and not-so-subtle references to various figures from Batman mythology, confirming that they exist in the Arrowverse. The latest example of this occurred in yesterday’s twelfth episode of the show’s debut run, which was titled “Take Your Choice.” This time it was revealed that Victor Fries exists on Earth-Prime, potentially with a different life than he had on the pre-Crisis Earth-1.

“Take Your Choice” saw Kate Kane’s sister Beth and her evil doppelgänger Alice both suffering from migraines and nosebleeds, a sign that they were dying – as if the universe was correcting the mistake of having two versions of the same person exist in the same universe. As a possible solution to how to save Kate’s sister(s), Luke Fox suggested cryogenically freezing Beth until they worked out a cure. “Bruce knew a guy with a cryogenic tank,” he remarks.

The name isn’t said aloud, but this has to be Mr. Freeze, the greatest expert on cryogenics in Gotham City. This isn’t the first time that Freeze has been referenced in the Arrowverse, either. 2018’s “Elseworlds” crossover, which introduced Batwoman, visited Arkham Asylum, where Nora Fries was shown breaking out of her cell and stealing back her husband’s freeze ray. This was an interesting twist on how things usually go, as it told us Nora wasn’t frozen with an incurable disease like normal and was just as insane as her sub-zero spouse.

In this new timeline, Luke’s comment that Bruce knew Freeze may hint that this Fries is no longer a villain on Earth-Prime and he became an ally to Bruce. It’s possible Nora was cured and, instead of losing her mind like in the previous universe, she and Victor were able to find a happy ending. In any case, we can at least run with this theory for now until more references to Freeze are made in the future of Batwoman.

Source: ScreenRant