Watch: New Batwoman Promo Finally Introduces Hush


It’s been a long time coming, but Hush is finally making a full comic-accurate appearance in Batwoman. We got our first look at the villain in the new trailer for episode nineteen of the show, entitled “A Secret Kept From All the Rest,” and you can check it out for yourself up above.

Comic book fans will have known this transformation has been coming since the third episode way back in October 2019, when we were first introduced to Gabriel Mann’s Thomas Elliot. In the source material, Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s born into a similarly wealthy family. The pair had a lot in common, sharing smarts, cunning and strategic thinking. However, their stories soon drastically diverged. Elliot hated his parents and wished to be free of them, going so far as to attempt to murder them in a car crash.

His mother survived though, disowning him and cutting him off from the family fortune. Following this, he grew to resent Bruce for inheriting so much wealth upon his parents’ death. This hatred grew into an obsession, resulting in him eventually becoming the villain Hush and trying to take down Batman by manipulating his allies and villains against him.

The Batwoman Hush has a similar story to begin with, but as Batman isn’t a fixture of the show, things have turned out quite differently. Here, he’s a real estate mogul who’s figured out the Dark Knight’s identity and seeks to use it to bring him down. Fortunately, Batwoman stopped him and he was committed to Arkham Asylum. Now, it seems that he’s about to escape and, judging by this trailer, wreak havoc.

For more, here’s the official synopsis:

“CRACKING THE CODE – When members of Gotham’s intelligentsia begin disappearing, Commander Kane (Dougray Scott), Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and the Crows go searching for the newest homicidal threat to the city. In the meantime, Kate (Ruby Rose) is consumed with someone’s betrayal and starts questioning the loyalty of everyone around her just when she needs them most. So when Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Julia (guest star Christina Wolfe) go missing, Batwoman must rely on Mary (Nicole Kang) and a former foe to deploy her rescue mission.

Meanwhile, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) enlists Tommy Elliot (guest star Gabriel Mann) to help acquire an elusive item that her sister also seeks. Greg Beeman directed the episode written by Jerry Shandy and Kelly Larson.”

Hush is one of the lower-profile villains in Batman’s rogues gallery (though versions of him have appeared in the Arkham video games and in Gotham), so it’ll be interesting to see whether this apparently comic-accurate appearance raises his profile a little.

Batwoman episode 19 “A Secret Kept From All the Rest” will air on May 10th on The CW.