The CW Reveals First Look At Batman Villain Hush In Batwoman


It was revealed over the summer that Batwoman season 1 would feature a surprising appearance from a prominent figure in Batman’s rogues gallery – Tommy Elliot AKA Hush. Now, TV Line has revealed that Revenge star Gabriel Mann will play the villain on the new CW show, unveiling a first look at the character to go with the news.

The outlet reports that Mann will guest star as Elliot in episode 3. The character’s described as “a childhood friend of Kate’s AWOL cousin, Bruce Wayne, who grew up to become a real estate mogul boasting easy charm and a friendly smile.” However, underneath it, he “harbors a deadly chip on his shoulder, one which will put Kate’s secret identity at risk.”

This description will be at once familiar to Batman fans and yet a little bit unexpected. In the comics, Elliot is a doctor, not in the real estate business, but he was a pal of Bruce’s in their younger days. On the page, Elliot possesses an intense hatred of Wayne and is something of a dark mirror to him – he attempted to murder his parents as a child whereas Bruce’s were taken from him. It looks like this might be expanded to a hatred of Bruce’s cousin as well on Batwoman.

Producers Caroline Dries and Sarah Schechter teased at Comic-Con that season 1 would serve as something of an origins story for Elliot and explain how he becomes Hush. So, it sounds like Mann will show up in more than just episode 3. Though we recently had the Batman: Hush animated movie, this is the first time he’s been portrayed in live-action and his role gives us yet another reason to catch the first season of Batwoman, the newest member of the Arrowverse family.