Batwoman Fans Are Already Loving The New Kate Kane


Kate Kane has returned!

After initially deciding to hire Javicia Leslie as brand new heroine Ryan Wilder following Ruby Rose’s exit, Batwoman is bringing the original Crimson Crusader back into the fold, except she’s now played by former Krypton star Wallis Day. She made her debut in the role in this past Sunday’s outing and Arrowverse fans are already loving what they’ve seen of the recast Kate.

Having been brainwashed by Enigma, Kate is being used as a henchwoman by Roman Sionis AKA Black Mask, who’s convinced her that she’s really his (actually dead) daughter, Circe. Kate’s face, reconstructed after her plane crash, was hidden throughout the episode by a mask, as she was tasked with hunting down Ryan’s Batwoman and Alice. We’ve yet to really see Day properly play the character, then, but this outing was more than enough to get fans hyped, as evidenced below.

“My name is Kate Kane.”

She’s back!

When “Circe” tracks Batwoman and Alice down to the Gotham docks, the trio gets into a thrilling three-way fight and fans are going crazy for the sequence, calling it the best action scene the show has ever had.

It was Arrow-level good.

“One of the most crazy and badass sequences I’ve ever seen on television.”

Eventually, Kate got the best of Alice, resulting in the two sisters reuniting. And fans got emotional.

Though given that Kate is brainwashed and Alice doesn’t know her sister’s alive, it wasn’t exactly the family reunion we were expecting.

We can’t wait to see more.

Day’s appointment as Kate has been a long time coming. She was announced to have landed the gig back in March, but the actress has since revealed that she was initially cast last summer before the Batwoman team decided to go with a new heroine instead. Leslie will continue to serve as the show’s lead, but fans can’t wait to see how this Evil Kate arc will play out and what it means for Day’s role on the series going forward.

Batwoman airs fresh episodes Sundays on The CW.