Batwoman Debuts With Disappointing Rotten Tomatoes Score


Batwoman hasn’t aired yet and it’s already the subject of a lot of controversy. The trailers for the latest Arrowverse show to hit The CW attracted much criticism from fans, with the dislikes seriously outweighing the likes. Of course, promos aren’t always the best indicator of overall quality so some were holding out for the series’ arrival to pass judgement. Unfortunately, however, early reviews of the pilot episode are now in and they’re not great.

The Ruby Rose-fronted show is currently sitting at 60% on Rotten Tomatoes based on only 5 reviews (at the time of writing). While this still just about gives it a Fresh rating, fans might’ve been hoping for a slightly more impressive figure. For instance, the pilots for fellow Arrowverse entries Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl all rank between 90% and 100%.

To be fair, this rating could improve as new reviews are posted. Plus, even if the pilot goes down to a mixed reception, it’s not the end of the world. Legends of Tomorrow’s first episode comes in at 67% on RT. And, after a rocky season 1, Legends is now a firm fan favorite that’s only gone from strength to strength as it’s continued. So, there’s every chance the team behind Batwoman could find their footing as it moves forward.

As it is, though, it seems like there are some issues with the way the show has been conceived to start with. JoBlo’s review says that when it’s “not trying too hard” the pilot “works decently.” However, it “falls apart” with its forced messages., meanwhile, admits it has “a serious lack of identity” and that the supporting cast is poor. The identity issue is something echoed by IGN, too.

On the other hand, Den of Geek is much more favorable, calling the show a “stylish entry into the Arrowverse.” ScreenRant concurs, citing that the pilot proves “the show understands that the best Batwoman stories are about integrity.”

We’ll get to make our own minds up about Batwoman when Kate Kane swoops onto The CW on Sunday, October 6th.