Batwoman Season 2 Synopsis Teases Gotham’s Next Big Threat


Batwoman is about to reach its season finale this Sunday, with episode 20, “O, Mouse.” As with the other Arrowverse shows, the Crimson Crusader’s debut run has been curtailed by the pandemic, but it will be able to catch up once it returns for its second season next year. That’s right, The CW has announced that all its original programming is being held off until January 2021. Having said that, we already have a synopsis for Batwoman season 2 which teases what we can expect when we’re finally able to return to Gotham City.

First of all, the synopsis mentions the fallout of recent events and the lingering threads of season 1 that need to be cleared up – Alice’s hunt for a way to pierce the Batsuit (which involves Kryptonite), the arrival of Hush and Kate’s father turning against her superhero alter ego. What’s more, though, it also promises that an even bigger threat than Alice is going to emerge from the shadows, while various relationships get taken to the next level.

“Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) never planned to be Gotham’s new vigilante, but with Batman missing and the city in despair, Kate has armed herself with a passion for social justice and an arsenal of high tech weapons, soaring through the shadowed streets of Gotham as Batwoman. At the end of the first season, Crows Commander Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) has declared a war on Batwoman, forcing everyone around them to choose sides. Meanwhile, Batwoman’s arch-nemesis Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is focused on acquiring the one thing that can take down the Bat, pulling off her most devious plan yet with the help of Bruce Wayne’s former best friend Tommy Elliot, now terrorizing the city as the villain Hush.

Season two kicks off with a major game-changer that will alter Gotham and The Bat Team forever. As the dust settles, Batwoman has everything working against her – including the recently escaped rogues’ gallery of villains – and everyone will come to see her in a whole new light. Alice meets her match when she becomes entangled with a dangerous foe from her past who knows exactly how to prey on her vulnerabilities. As Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Mary (Nicole Kang) find their footing as sidekicks, a romance will shake up their dynamic. Meanwhile, Sophie (Megan Tandy) and Julia’s (guest star Christina Wolfe) budding relationship will face its first real test and make Sophie question everything she thought she knew to be true.”

This new villain who’s a match for Alice is surely Safiyah Sohail, the pirate queen of Coryana who was recently name-checked on the show as someone pulling the strings behind the scenes. EP Caroline Dries has likewise confirmed that she’ll serve as season 2’s big bad. Meanwhile, it sounds like we can expect a romance to develop between Luke and Mary, unless this is saying one of them will find a partner which upsets the other.

Don’t forget, Batwoman season 2 will also form half of this year’s (much smaller) Arrowverse crossover with Superman & Lois. It’ll primarily focus on Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel and Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane teaming up, but will also feature various other heroes, too.