Batwoman EP Teases Hush Impersonating Bruce Wayne In Season 2


Batwoman‘s season 1 finale introduced a big twist, as Tommy Elliot AKA Hush was given a new face by Alice, the face of Bruce Wayne (Warren Christie), no less. The promise is, then, that season 2 will tackle the Heart of Hush comic book storyline and see Hush impersonating Gotham City’s favorite son. And with Wayne having disappeared in the Arrowverse five years ago, there’s a strong chance that the city and even his family and friends will fall for it.

While speaking to TV Line, showrunner Caroline Dries teased what’s next for Hush on the show and how his new face is going to throw everyone for a loop. First of all, she addressed that Bruce is not presumed dead, just missing. Though for Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), it’ll be like having the Dark Knight coming back to life.

“Correct, he is just MIA. Luke had a little moment in Episode 3 where Kate is like, ‘Luke, do you really think Bruce is coming back?’ and Luke had to say, ‘No.’ In his mind, I think he’s put it to bed, so this is obviously going to open up all of those stories in his life when he comes face to face with his hero.”

But Team Batwoman aren’t as gullible as the rest of Gotham, right? Surely they’ll be able to tell Hush isn’t Bruce? Well, Dries thinks that someone as obsessed with Bruce as Elliot is will make a convincing copy, though obviously Kate Kane and company will be suspicious.

“Well, there couldn’t have been a better person to impersonate Bruce. He’s going to have ‘the Bruce Wayne experience’ — he’s not going to waste a moment of his new lifestyle. But he will face obvious obstacles because the people Bruce surrounds himself with are cunning and wise, and they’ve seen antics like this before.”

Fans will remember that Elliot was revealed to know the truth about Bruce’s nighttime alter ego in his introductory episode – with it heavily implied that he got the Riddler to solve the mystery for him. So, he’s a man with Batman’s face and he knows all his secrets. That makes him a very dangerous foe, indeed.

Batwoman will return – with a new lead, following Ruby Rose’s shock exit – for its sophomore run in 2021.