Tons Of BBC Shows Are Leaving Netflix UK This Month

The Office

One of the consequences of the BBC’s decision to start up their own streaming service (how dare they) is that a lot of their shows will soon be departing from their competitors.

Britbox, in partnership with ITV, launched in the UK last November, and now the content available elsewhere has started to catch up. Today we’re going to run through the wealth of titles that’ll exit Netflix UK at the end of March. There’s a lot to run down, too. And yes, this is redundant for American readers. You’re more than welcome to stay for tea, though (which is more than just a cultural stereotype).

First up – and probably of most interest – are the BBC comedies leaving on March 30th:

  • A Bit of Fry and Laurie (4 Seasons)
  • Absolutely Fabulous (6 Seasons)
  • Almost Royal (2 Seasons)
  • Daniel Deronda (1 Season)
  • Extras (2 Seasons)
  • Fawlty Towers (2 Seasons)
  • French and Saunders (6 Seasons)
  • Harry Enfield and Chums (2 Seasons)
  • Harry Enfield Presents… (1 Season)
  • Porridge (3 Seasons)
  • Rock & Chips (Season 1)
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look (4 Seasons)
  • The Job Lot (3 Seasons)
  • The Office (U.K.) (2 Seasons)
  • The Royle Family (3 Seasons)
  • The Thick of It (4 Seasons)
  • The Trip (2 Seasons)
  • The Two Ronnies (4 Seasons)
  • Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV (2 Seasons)

Of particular interest are The Office, which is ingenious, Fawlty Towers likewise, and The Thick of It, which elevates the verbal tirade into an artform. On a personal note, I had no idea A Bit of Fry and Laurie was up there. I’ll be making that pilgrimage before the month is out.

The Office

All these titles are leaving on March 30th by the way. So, that’s 27 days and counting.

Here’s the next batch, starting with…

BBC Drama:

BBC Kids Series:

  • Go Jetters (Season 1)
  • Hey Duggee (Season 1)
  • Horrible Histories (5 Seasons)
  • The Next Step (5 Seasons)

And finally, BBC Docuseries:

  • Africa (Season 1)
  • Diana: Seven Days That Shook the World (Season 1)
  • Hiroshima (Season 1)
  • Joel & Nish vs The World (Season 1)
  • Life (Season 1)
  • Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail (2011)
  • Stupid Man, Smart Phone (Season 1)
  • The Great British Bake Off (7 Seasons)
  • The Hunt (Season 1)
  • Wild Alaska (Season 1)
  • Wild Japan (Season 1)

Just the one Louis Theroux doc leaving. Hopefully that means his Weird Weekends are safe for now.

That’s your lot for March and honestly, I see no reason why all of this material can’t be digested before the month is out. Employment can wait while there’s still TV to be seen. What are you still doing reading this? Get moving quick. Unless you already have a Britbox subscription, in which case, I’m not sure why you bothered reading any of this in the first place. I suppose I did offer tea, though.