Beauty And The Beast Review: “Ancestors” (Season 2, Episode 10)



When the FBI runs into a snag on one of their investigations, they come to Cat hoping for some inter-agency cooperation. Although the agent in charge isn’t exactly forthcoming with all the details, she does seem to fit in well with the tough-love types that Cat tends to gravitate towards. Case-in-point, her bestie/partner, Tess (Nina Lisandrello).

Cat infiltrates a crime ring that has their eyes set on a gem. The same gem that Vincent is also unknowingly tracking. Just as much as Vincent is hoping that this piece of evidence will be a link to his beast past, now Cat has equal reason to hope for the same thing. The agent in charge, FBI Special Agent Dana Landon (Elisabeth Röhm), revealed in her postmortem that she had tracked this same gem through Cat’s ancestry.

This entire time there has been such a focus on Vincent and his past that it has completely overshadowed the fact that Cat’s paternal side is almost a complete mystery. Now that Cat has discovered that her father is in fact Agent Reynolds (Ted Whittall) instead of the father she grew up with, there’s a side of her that is just as much of an unknown (if not more) as the Muirfield-injected side of Vincent.

I wasn’t sure where the narrative would be going now that so much of the original storyline has fallen to the wayside with the defeat of Muirfield, Cat and Vincent’s break-up, and now going public with the fact that he was still alive, but it seems that the writer are definitely on top of it. Vincent has found something new to obsess about, and Cat is back to kissing frogs.

Are you excited to see Cat and Vincent take on this new dynamic? How is Tori landing with you on the Vincent-friendly scale? Were you just as surprised as Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) about that sudden lip lock? Let us know what you thought about this episode of Beauty and the Beast in the comment section below!

Random Thoughts:

  • Another Teen Wolf actor on Beauty and the Beast – that’s two episodes in a row. Way to go, Ian Bohen!
  • Elisabeth Röhm seems at home with this character (which definitely takes us back to her role in season one of Angel) and I like it.
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