Beauty And The Beast Review: “Cat And Mouse” (Season 2, Episode 18)



Stemming from Gabe’s bloated and bruised ego, Vincent finds himself forced to take desperate measures.With Cat missing, however, he is confined to doing so in the Manhattan metropolitan area. Instead of dragging out the Cat kidnapping plot, it turned out to be pretty short lived since her captives had other intentions (clearly they need to work on their bedside manner).

It’s not the first time Beauty and the Beast has presented the FBI in a questionable manner, but the mention of Agent Landon (Elisabeth Röhm) definitely helped to soften the reaction of finding out who was behind Cat’s abduction. These days any indication of FBI and your mind probably jumps right to Agent Reynolds (Ted Whittall), and rightfully so. Despite being in a federal lock up, he still manages to pull some dangerous strings.

The FBI has been behind a lot of Vincent’s most terrible experiences since becoming a beast, including (at least indirectly) his recent bout of amnesia that kept him and Cat apart much longer than fans were comfortable with, but given his other options their involvement doesn’t seem so bad. However, any uttering of the word ‘unsanctioned’ and it’s only reasonable to expect someone to get a little nervous – even a genetically altered super soldier.

Things didn’t exactly turn out the way that Cat and Vincent may have hoped – ideally ending in his exhortation – but they could be worse. The highlight of the episode happened after all the excitement has died down actually. Cat confronting Gabe made for quite the entertaining scene and drew new lines for all the characters. Heading toward the conclusion of season two, Gabe is once again the odd man out.

Beauty and the Beast has reintroduced us to a version of Gabe who is frighteningly reminiscent of his beast self, except that this time his sights are set on Vincent for an entirely different reason. Let us know how you think it will end this time around in the comments section below!

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