Beauty And The Beast Review: “Reunion” (Season 2, Episode 5)


Initially, the shock of Vincent not being able to remember his life prior to his abduction last spring and being recently air-marked as a stone-cold soldier assassin for hire, really turned me off. I wasn’t averse to character development by any means, but I still thought it was borderline rude to sell us one guy, and then give us back someone else.

The closer we get to uniting this new version of Vincent with characteristics that we were sold (and loved) in season 1, the better season 2 gets – and the stronger the show itself becomes. There were a lot of people that were surprised that Beauty and the Beast was even renewed for a second chance season. There were clearly some issues with the first season that the writers behind Beauty and the Beast had to address. And, they have. They’ve done an excellent job taking what must have been a very large elephant in the room, and transforming it into a compelling storyline that could propel the series forward and give it a sense of longevity.

Season 2 is really shaping up and has taken Beauty and the Beast to a new level. One of the most interesting story arcs this season (besides Vincent’s amnesia – which seems to be a theme on the CW this fall) is the realization that Cat’s father is really Agent Reynolds (Ted Whittall). We’ve known about this plot twist since the end of last season, but this is all breaking news to Cat and her friends. I wasn’t expecting to have to wait all season for Cat to figure it out, but I never expected her to come into this new-found knowledge by scraping up a photograph that survived the beast throw-down either.

How do you think Cat will address this theory with Agent Reynolds? Do you foresee a calm daddy-daughter heart to heart, or will Cat’s anger get the better of the situation? Let us know what you think is coming on the next episode of Beauty and the Beast in the comment section below!

Until next episode.