Beauty And The Beast Shows Off In New Action-Packed Season 2 Promo



The last time we checked in with The CW’s hit show Beauty and the Beast, things had went from hopeless to worse in a very short amount of time.

Catherine (Kristen Kreuk) managed to rescue her boyfriend/genetically-altered super soldier, Vincent (Jay Ryan), from the crazed district attorney just in time to lose him again when men dressed in ominous black gear airlifted him off to parts unknown.

Season 1 left us in shock, standing right beside Cat on that rooftop, when we discovered that the man calling the shots behind Vincent’s abduction was actually Cat’s biological father.

A few episodes before we were teased with the possibility of her mother still being alive, and finding out that her father isn’t really her father was quite a way to end the freshman season!

The secret’s not out of the bag just yet, but it’s sure to become a major plot point in season 2. Especially since Ted Whittall, who plays Agent Reynolds – her biological father – has been cast in a recurring role. The latest preview shows him uttering the words “I hope my daughter doesn’t get in the way again.” For someone who has never been in the picture (as far as we know), let’s hope he means that with all the best intentions.

In this exclusive 60-second promo clip (via TV Line) we also get a glimpse of what’s coming for our star-crossed lovers. Cat and Vincent may be separated for now, but it’s only a matter of time before they will be reunited. With the help of JT (Austin Basis), Cat continues to search for the man she loves,  refusing to be deterred by all the obstacles that keep popping up (literally) in her way.

Check out the clip below and let us know if you’ll be tuning in for season 2 of Beauty and The Beast when it returns to The CW on October 7th!