Jigsaw Actor Supports Eminem Blasting Netflix For Cancelling The Punisher

The Punisher

In the wake of the recent announcement that The Punisher will not be renewed for a third season, the cast of Steve Lightfoot’s series found they had an unlikely ally in diamond-selling rapper Eminem.

Last night, Marshall Mathers took to Twitter with a message blasting Netflix for their decision to drop the ax on the Marvel Television show, keeping his condemnation short and blunt:


Actors Floriana Lima and Amber Rose Revah have since expressed their thanks for Mathers’ support, and now it seems that Ben Barnes, who played Billy Russo for two seasons, is also happy to have Slim Shady on his side, tweeting the following response:

“No words necessary – @Eminem has spoken”

A couple of days ago, Barnes himself offered a response to The Punisher’s cancelation, taking to Instagram to thank “everyone who tuned in for an episode or binged each season in 13 hours,” before adding that he loved working with the cast and crew, and is “gutted” that he doesn’t get to see what was next for the show.

Earlier this week, the Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal, also has posted a message to Instagram, saying that it was “an honor to walk in [Frank Castle’s] boots,” while Marvel Television president Jeph Loeb shared an open letter via Marvel.com reflecting on the company’s run with Netflix.

Indeed, with Jessica Jones also getting the ax this week, and with Iron FistLuke Cage, and Daredevil all getting the same treatment last year, Marvel Television is all out of shows on the platform. What happens next is unclear, but while we wait for answers, Jessica Jones will officially close the book on the Marvel/Netflix era when its third season drops later this year.

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