‘Better Call Saul’ star Bob Odenkirk says final season is the best yet

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The hotly anticipated sixth and final season of Better Call Saul is expected to begin airing on AMC pretty soon, though the network has not specified an exact date, and its star Bob Odenkirk is already touting it as “a helluva great season.”

Odenkirk retweeted a very cryptic video tease from the Breaking Bad spinoff’s official Twitter account, in which the ominous Salamanca twins, played by Daniel and Luis Moncada, traipse their steel toe-tipped boots across an active crime scene.

“Someday…SOON,” Odenkirk wrote on Twitter. “It’s a helluva great season. Our best…”

Though the video caption implores fans to “Mark your calendar,” there was no release date for the first episode. However, a report from Deadline last year placed the premiere around the first quarter of this year. It’s expected the final, 13-episode season will be split into two parts.

Better Call Saul is a prequel to Breaking Bad and follows the once integrity-driven lawyer Jimmy McGill as he spirals from being a legitimate attorney to the morally corrupt Saul Goodman. Goodman is a walking combover who operates out of a strip mall storefront and defends the guiltiest criminals for an extra “fee” of off-the-books drug money.

Better Call Saul has proven to be a compelling drama in its own right, despite the incomparable quality of Breaking Bad. In its first couple of seasons, the prequel’s focus on the unsteady relationship between Jimmy and his equally talented but mentally ill lawyer brother, Michael McKean’s Chuck McGill, built the foundation for a moving character drama.

In recent seasons, the stakes have only risen with each passing episode, including the return of classic Breaking Bad villains, most notably Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus Fringe.

We’re excited to see what white-knuckling thrills are in store for the show, and perhaps even seeing the fate of Saul’s post-Breaking Bad assumed identity as Cinnabon manager Gene Takavic, whose story we’ve seen in brief, black and white, flashforward sequences throughout Better Call Saul.

It’s a miracle we’re even getting a season six of Better Call Saul to begin with, considering Odenkirk’s on-set collapse while they were filming the show in New Mexico last summer, which the actor later confirmed to be a heart attack.

But if the Nobody actor’s assessment is true, all the real-life blood, sweat, and tears that went into the making of Better Call Saul’s last season won’t be in vain.

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