Five Big Changes Glee Needs To Make

In just three short seasons, Glee has taken a nosedive from one of TV’s most beloved shows, to one of its biggest laughing stocks. What started as a self-aware, optimistic take on the horrors of high school has mutated into a self-righteous mess of nightmarish proportions, with bad plots flying every which way. Maybe we should just stop watching it and be done with it, but if Glee taught me anything, it’s to never give up on something you love. What will it take to get this giant back on its feet again? It’s a tough question to answer but we have some idea.

Here are the top five things Glee needs to change to get back on top.

5. Enough with the “character development”

It’s no secret that this show has serious problems with continuity, and enough is enough. It’s like each writer gave all the characters their own personality and didn’t discuss them with each other before they aired the episodes. So depending on who wrote the episode, Quinn (Dianna Agron) is either a tortured saint or a manipulative jerk, or Finn (Cory Monteith) is the sweetest, dumbest puppy who ever lived or an insensitive, selfish jock, and I’m sick of it. This isn’t character development, it just looks like everyone is on crack. Important things happen and then are totally ignored, like remember when Quinn and Mercedes (Amber Riley) were so close they lived together? Or all of those budget cuts in season two? Yeah, me neither. Writers, please get your act together. We’re not dumb, we just want a show that makes sense.

4. A sense of responsibility

So far in this show, we’ve had students dump slushies on each other, be sexually harassed and stalked by bullies, and shove each into lockers, and the only person who ever gets suspended is Rachel (Lea Michele) when she stuffs the election ballot box in Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) favor. Excuse me, what? The fact that no one ever faces the consequences for anything is just disturbing, and everyone gives each other horrible advice. For example, when Artie (Kevin McHale) suggested Rachel and Blaine (Darren Criss) lose their virginities in order to perform better in the school play. When would that ever happen in real life? What I liked about this show in the beginning was its realness (even with all the campy humor thrown in) and now that’s all out the window. And I hate to be the moral guardian, but there are a lot of little kids watching this show who could stand to learn a few lessons from all of this.

3. Kill off Finn

Okay, so this sounds a little harsh, but seriously, enough of Finn! I love Cory Monteith, I think he’s adorable, but he’s 10 years older than his character, and it shows. When you look more like Rachel’s creepy uncle than her boyfriend, you know it’s a problem. Plus, can we all just agree that they are the worst couple in the history of the show? They’re both terrible influences on each other, and to be honest, Finn is holding her back. He broke the last straw when he outed Santana (Naya Rivera). In fact, he does a lot of horrible things that everyone forgives him for immediately or never seems to remember, because apparently he is a saint. Give him that Ohio State scholarship and send him on his way.

2. A day in the limelight

When I first started watching this show, I was immediately drawn to Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz). She was dark, she was shy, and I wanted to know more. But unlike a normal TV show, Glee pretty much ignores its characters they don’t deem important enough for the current plot. Tina gets the worst of it, but it’s happened to basically everyone except for Rachel, Finn, Kurt and Blaine. I admit they’ve been doing better with this, but I think every major character should get at least one episode from their perspective, a la Skins. I want that Brittana kiss, writers. The solos are also horribly out of proportion, and now that Troubletones is dead it’s going to go back to being the Rachel/Finn show while everyone else sings backup. Give Quinn a solo!

1. Faberry

This is inarguably the best part of the show, and it doesn’t even exist. What am I talking about, you ask? The secret relationship between Quinn and Rachel, of course. According to the Glee Wiki, it’s the show’s second most popular pairing (after Kurt and Blaine) and if their love isn’t obvious to you yet, you need to go back and re-watch. Quinn has definitely had an obsessive crush on Rachel since the first episode (she was drawing pornographic pictures of her on the bathroom walls, after all) and Rachel is consistently the only person who is halfway nice to Quinn, and has shown she’s always cared about her. It only makes sense, and if any show can make this happen, it’s Glee. It doesn’t hurt that Lea Michele and Dianna Agron are very affectionate towards each other in real life. Now if we could just get rid of Finn…

So there you have it, the top five things that need to happen to make Glee one of the best shows on television again. Do you agree or disagree? What would you change about the show? Make sure you leave us a comment and let us know.

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  1. Green_smartie16says:

    Fully agree! Especially with #1!

  2. Jane Doesays:

    totally agree to everything!!! This show just doesn’t make sense anymore and gives bad perspectives of life for kids especially with the Finn/ Santana and the first time storylines! 
    And at last, Faberry is canon!!

  3. Sebeesays:

    Agree. With. Everything. Especially getting rid of Finn.. and faberry!!

  4. John Doesays:

    This is by far the stupidest article I’ve been linked to. It’s full of crazy fan shipping dreams and creepily intense hate for a fictional character. Gleeks are worst than Losties were with this crap….

    1. then why the hell did you read it? nothing better to do in your boring life? Really, grow up. If you dont like it, no one is stopping you from existing the page, or forcing you to read this article.

      1. The F*cksays:

        everyone has an opinion, deal with it. he has an opinion on this article, he said, let it be. and that’s like me telling not to read the comments if you dont like them, YOU HAVE TO READ TO FIND IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT OR NOT. god some people i swear…

      2. IdLikeToMeltYourFaceWithMyMindsays:

        Oh my gosh. Everyone’s crazy.

        Why the hate?

        This is coming from a cynical bitch.

        Rethink your lives. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion. I happen to agree that Gleeks aren’t being unreasonable asking this (^^ up there, in the article). They have a TEAM of writers, so some of it is inexcusable. But I also love the show despite its flaws. Glee is on the rise no matter what, as Season 3 has convinced me that they’re on the right track.

        No more hate. The Gleedom has gotten a bad name because of comments like these.

        LET LOVE IN.

    2. Gilliansays:

      MTE. Thank you, I had a good laugh!

  5. Appallingtruthsays:

    *slow clap* This is spot on.

  6. Tumblr Trollfacesays:

    They should definitely get rid off Finn, he’s a total hypocrite and terrible with Rachel.

  7. Agree with EVERYTHING!!! Especially #1….

  8. Lilysays:

    This is spot on!

  9. Faberry recognized in an article? Wanting to get rid of Finn and supporting a Brittana kiss? Is this heaven?

  10. MsSalmasays:

    You should know I’m giving this article a standing ovation here in my dorm, because it is that beautiful. 

  11. I fully agree with you! I’m glad of seeing that I’m not the only one who’d like to murder Finn and watch Faberry take over the show. They are my favorite ship after Klaine so IT WOULD TOTALLY AWESOME!

  12. Cold feetsays:

    its funny because it’s all true

  13. Katnisssays:

    YES. thankyouthankyouthankyou. I stopped watching Glee because all these just annoy the living hell out of me. I’d gladly return to the show if they fix this.

  14. THANK YOU! Not like this would ever happen, but if it did I might start watching Glee again. I gave up after 3×04.

  15. Twattits.says:

    You are an idiot.

    1. Effysays:

      Hi Finn fangirl

  16. Allisays:


  17. katzsays:

    you mad, only fandom knows about faberry. 

    and the rest, the what… 

    1. michellesays:

      The general audience are the millions of people who watch Glee for Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Mr Shue and Sue. They don’t know the crackships at all.

    2. michellesays:

      The general audience are the millions of people who watch Glee for Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Mr Shue and Sue. They don’t know the crackships at all.

      1. Faberry loversays:

        Well, i don’t think people watch the show beacause of Finn, but whatever u say… And all the Glee fans I know ship Faberry or Brittana even before Santana said she was in love with Britt… To not mention Klaine…

  18. Silviasays:

    Well, the virginity thing is not completely crazy, I’ve heard acting teachers suggesting their students to have sex (responsibly) because it opens you up to a whole bunch of new emotions..

    But I agree with it all. Also, they need to get April back.

  19. Sarahsays:

    This is the best article review ever. Faberry is real, they help and and exactly perfect for each other. If the writers can’t even see that they should see the one maybe best friendship on the show, they fix each other and have always been there for each other whether they realize it or not, they hold down each other.

  20. Janasays:

    Faberry, this is amazing, all the points are completely accurate.

    People who don’t know what faberry is are the children who are 8-10 like to watch the show because it’s singing or people who just passively watch this. If you are really into glee and observe the small moments which are really important and say a lot you’d see they’ve done so much for each other including saving each other. 

  21. Tiffanysays:

    If you hate finchel, klaine, finn, stop watching. Watch the show for what it is, and be thanful it’s there in the first place. This is why I hate this fandom. Because they want the show to be something it’s not. Everyone’s so unbelievably demanding and unrealistic. I love Glee because of what it stands for and yes I love Finn and Finchel so of course I don’t agree with this article but I’m not biased. Stop complaining and just enjoy every thing the writers have done. It’s not like someone is forcing you to watch this show. 

    1. Alanissays:

      It’s not like someone is forcing you to READ this.

    2. Happyipod4says:

      It’s unrealistic to ask for continuity? Have you noticed that the writers have completely ignore certain characters and certain story devices? Well I’m sorry but I’d like to have SOMETHING to follow. And how is this not a biased comment? You only addressed two of the problems that the writer pointed out and ignored the other three. This show used to be about those who were unable to find a place to belong, not about the crazy bi-polar drama the writers have resorted to. I love the characters and I love the music, however I hate the writing. This show has lost what made it special in the first place and has gone so far downhill that many of the own fans have begun to call it their guilty pleasure. 

    3. Anastasia Beaverhousensays:

      Of course you’re going to say that. You have what you want: Glee being the new Finn’s Show and Finchel. I bet that if the main couple were Brittana and Faberry you would be bitching in some article/commentary on how Glee has to change. One thing is to criticize, every criticism is welcome, another thing is to go on Glee boards and bitch about how Glee sucks every day and night. This article has something to say, and I believe that a lot of Gleeks agree with it. I’m going to just go and say that Finchel has 1/5 of the chemistry that Faberry has, and I’m not even talking about a romantic relationship! Cory Monteith is fabulous, and he’s a great friend when it comes to Lea, but you can see their lack of chemistry. It’s not just because they’re friends that they’ll have a wonderful chemistry in the screen, actually. Dianna and Lea, Lea and Groff, even Harry and Jenna, they all have MUCH more “sparks” when you see them teamed up. And to be fair, it’s not only about the actors, but the characters Rachel and Finn do not go well together at all… oh gosh, even Rachel and Artie would work better. lol … Finn is a jerk to Rachel… I just finished watching season one (I’m at season three too…I’ve read that people said that season one was the best so I thought I should check it out) and OH MY GOD! Seriously, are you kidding me? Finn, in the first episodes, tried to manipulate Rachel into going back to Glee Club and made her think he liked her much more than he actually did so HE can get a scholarship, then he let’s her kiss him even though his girlfriend is pregnant (I know it wasn’t his baby, but still…in their minds, that was the reality)… it’s just too ridiculous. And that was ONE thing. Finn has to be the worst character on Glee, and the way they try to make him a saint is just gross. … You just have to try to understand other people’s point of view. I’m not going to say an episode sucked just because it didn’t have Faberry interaction, or that an episode was awesome just because there was two minutes of Rachel talking to Quinn. No. It’s Faberry and much more. This show HAS to get better. I can fairly say, season one was far superior from season two (which is inferior to season three, but still…) … Glee would stop being a joke if the writers would at LEAST try to make it have sense, ENOUGH with the gigantic plot holes! It has to get better, and we just watch it because we hope it’s getting better. I don’t expect it to be Breaking Bad or Community, I just want a better “Glee”.

      1. Janasays:


      2. Mschosesays:

        Delusional. LOL

  22. Jesssays:


  23. Effysays:

    This is perfect!

  24. Abey Lincsays:

    everything in this article. everything. i want it all to happen.

  25. itsacomplimentsays:

    Fuck yes I enjoyed this article. All the awards and may God  bless your family and your cow.

  26. WankyAnonsays:


  27. Jamiesays:

    While the third season has brought on a little more Finchel appropriate moments (like Finn standing up for Rachel.. that one time…) 

    I could honestly say that if Finn wasn’t such an ass to Rachel, and Rachel wasn’t such an ass to Finn, I’d ship Finchel without a doubt. But seeing how the writers makes them treat each other is SO annoying. I can’t take their relationship seriously. It’s toxic and just.. thoughtless. Forgetting your on and off again girlfriend of three years is a VEGAN?! She mentions it, like, every other episode… Do you know how sick that careless move would’ve made her? And Rachel? Wanting to fuck your boyfriend for a role? You were supposed to have grown already, you’re supposed to be more mature than that. Where’s your sense of virtue? Where’s the “waiting until 25, because I want it to be special”. Throwing yourself at your boyfriend because ‘Wheels-McGee’ got a power trip and told you that you wouldn’t be good enough without it? How is that realistic at all?  

    And it’s not Cory or Lea’s fault, but the writers… that’s just not acceptable.
    There’s so many more, too. In the first episode, Shelby called Quinn 18. In the eighth episode, Quinn called herself an adult (18)…And then 17 when talking to Brittana and Mercedes toward the end of the ep. 
    The big Klaine deal where Blaine was SUPPOSED to be a senior, planning his future with Kurt?
    And then they made him a junior? How much of a fail was that? 

    … I’m not saying we should kill off any characters, or that Faberry isn’t real (because honestly? If you don’t think Fabray isn’t gay for Berry, you and I haven’t been watching the same show. It’s arguable that Rachel returns all the feelings, but Quinn is definitely Rachel obsessed – there is NO arguing that. There’s no arguing the fact that Rachel keeps helping Quinn either, when really, Rach should’ve dismissed Quinn a long time ago.)

    But I feel like if Glee was written as a story and not portrayed as a TV show; these authors wouldn’t have sold more than five copies of the books. And that’s being generous. It seems like the writers don’t watch their own shows. And while I appreciate their creation wholeheartedly… I’d rather read Fanfiction and watch the fanvids/ fanworks. 

    Because these aren’t just small errors. These are huge plot flaws, and they really can’t be ignored. 
    I believe so much in this show, which is why I keep watching, but I’m losing more and more hope each airing. 

  28. Suminsays:

    Carinna Belles, faberry, 4 four you. This is a good article if only RIB or the writers would take the time to read reviews and see that half the things they’re doing to the show isn’t what people want to watch.

  29. Guestsays:

    I agree! I agree with everything you said!

  30. cloud dustsays:

    I agree! I agree with everything you said!

  31. The show is what it is.. why watch it if you don’t like it? So what if we Finchel shippers have all we want? That’s not our faults that our ship just happens to be canon. It’s not our faults that the characters we love have been the lead characters from the very beginning. Yelling at people and saying that they just don’t understand because they have what they want.. makes no sense. They have what they want because the writers wanted that, too. And you guys are completely mixing online fandom and offline fandom, when those two are as different as day and night. Very few of Glee’s casual, offline viewers, which, as a general rule, is 97% of the entire viewing audience, even KNOW what Faberry is, much less WANT it. The majority of Glee’s viewers watch the show as it is, enjoy the canon ships, and then go on their merry way. There’s no way you’re ever going to get Faberry as anything but friends, because.. they’re not gay. That would be almost as ridiculous a plot twist as Quinn magically being Lucy. If RIB+ wanted them to be gay, they would have been written gay. Instead, they’ve spent 2.5 years fawning over men. That doesn’t exactly scream homosexual to me……
    My point here is: if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Yeah, it’s easy for us to say that because we have what we want, but it’s the truth. Instead of whining about never getting your fanon ship, either learn to accept it and enjoy the show, or just turn it off. Writers are always going to write what they want to write.. never has fandom convinced a single writer to make a complete U-turn. They have this all mapped out, and they don’t care what whiny Tweets they get and what annoying posts they see on blogs like this, because the fact of the matter is that Klaine and Finchel, and their respective characters, sell Glee to a wider audience and better than any other couples or characters could, and they’re not about to mess with that.

    1. Brittanasays:

      i only liked this because the Lucy plot was  ridiculous. The fact that they are obsessing over guys is enough proof that they are trying to hide their feelings. Rachel mentions Quinn’s beauty every other episode and Quinn shows a massive case of schoolboy crush. face the fact finchel sucks and if you want your child in a toxic relationship like that well thats your problem but there are a lot of impressionable children who think that THAT is what a relationship should be like. THAT IS WHAT  SICK.

  32. annasays:

    I legit agreed with everything in this article until I saw the word Faberry. Like NO. Just NO. It’s hard for me to take you seriously when you say things like “quinn is lyk totez obsessed wif rachel”. I understand that Lea and Dianna have “a lot of chemistry” for some of you people but that is not the number one thing that Glee needs to fix. If Glee should change something, it’s the love triangles they keep throwing us that we don’t care about and will just eat up precious screentime that could be used on something like, oh I dunno, Santana coming out to her parents and Sue; it’s the misogynistic message that screams a woman is nothing without her man that they keep shoving to us in front of our faces; it’s the double standard of this show that every other couple can have a more than making out scene every episode but a pair of lesbians that are soulfully and deeply in love with each other are practically forbidden to have a proper kiss on the lips. So please reread this article before you post your huge insane headcanon about Faberry being secret gfs because it only makes you look like a psychotic asshole.

    1. LydiaJsays:

      Whoooa none of this makes any sense. The writer said she wants more Brittana. It’s just a TV show, and it’s just speculation. It’s not like anyone is DEMANDING these things happen, or being a “psychotic asshole” it’s just a personal opinion post. Chill chill chill. 

  33. Marilyn Maesays:

    I really DO agree with the above, BUT
    1. Faberry is great, it’s awesome, it’s so on! But it’s never going to happen. After all Quinn and Rachel haven’t been gay and if the writers would make them now that would really lack of continuity.
    2. I don’t think Glee should get rid of Finn, they just should give him a lot less on screen time and make him this dorky but sweet and innocent teddy bear again instead of letting him be such a dick.

    1. Sagida_realsays:

      On the first point – like there is continuity on Glee. And also there is this thing that is called being in a closet. Quinn really qualifies as a closeted lesbian. With phrases like “God bless the perv who invented these” regarding the cheerios skirts (and making Santana do a spin to show off what she’s got, and drawing pornographic pictures of Rachel on the bathroom walls. Oh, and also that caricature of Rachel surrounded by 28 hearts she drew.  And Rachel wanted to form a GayLesb alliance with Curt, when usually it’s Gay-Straight alliance, and that is saying something.

  34. Sarah Anne Scannellsays:


  35. Sarah Anne Scannellsays:


  36. Faithsays:

    This pretty much sums up my entire feelings about Glee! Good work!

  37. Sagidasays:

    I agree!!! Faberry is the first on the list of things that should happen on Glee.

  38. Gracesays:

    Everything about this is 100% on.

  39. Yantysays:

    Can you please make sure that Ryan, Ian, Brad and all the writers read this. Also, I think Faberry is third, after Klaine and Brittana in the popular couple list 🙂

    1. Kaitlynsays:

      I may not be a fan of Finchel, but they’re really popular too.

  40. Lisasays:

    I was nodding till I got to #1. How delusional is this writer to think Faberry would be a real couple on Glee? Getting rid of Finn won’t make Faberry happen. LOL Is this a parody article? Because it really reads like one.

  41. Rofenlochsays:

    I’m surprised NOBODY mentioned how they’re making the show TOO gay-oriented. I have no problem with having gay characters, as long as two things don’t happen: 1. Showing steamy sex which should be left up to our imagination at best, and 2. Writing so it seems like the gays are the majority instead of the minority. The lead honcho of the show is gay and it sure seems like he’s wanting to flount it loudly instead of the way it was handled in the first season and a half. How are we supposed to support and like a character because he’s so “tragic”, when it’s everyone else who has become tragic now? It was only Kurt originally. Now it’s also Santana, Brittney, Karofsky, Blaine, Sebastian, and we got a vibe from Sam too, they have a football coach who gives off serious lesbo vibes (even though Beiste is supposedly not gay) and Sue is gay in real life, and I noticed that ever since Sue made an openly gay speech after receiving an award, the show has consistently gone more in that direction. And now Ricky Martin, who is also gay in real life and probably will be on the show.

    And speaking of Santana and Brittney, since when were they gay? Santana made no bones about having sex with EVERY boy in the school during season 1 (which Brittney also claimed to have done). Her first serious affair was Finn, and then was with Puck until Puck landed in juvie. In season 2, Santana wanted sex from Carl not once but TWICE and told Brittney she did not love her and Puck was her true love, and Brittney made Artie lose his virginity and was in a solid relationship with him for most of the season until Artie called her stupid.  And now all of a sudden, they’re both madly in love with each other albeit afraid to show it in public?

    Bad writing and inconsistent characterization. So maybe the Rachel + Quinn affair is still to come…

  42. Dude… I gotta go with Liz on this. Finn needs to be killed off and FINALLY someone other than me points out that from EPISODE ONE of the show we’ve seen Faberry. I have mountains of proof on it. Can we go back in time and make Faberry lovers the writers?

  43. Hexagram66says:

    Why is there a post about Glee on a gaming website? Who the fuck linked this to gaming revolution? What does this fruity show have to do with gaming? Glee is for (I’m not clever enough to think of a better insult)and bitches.

  44. Anele Yeneefsays:

    Ok seriously, Faberry? Really? I thought it was a cool fandom thing, and it’s a nice idea, but it is just never going to happen. Ever. The writers of Glee make it painfully obvious when a development between two characters is going to happen, so unless Quinn does a voiceover talking about how hot Rachel looks today, I’m pretty sure that it will never happen. Sorry.

  45. Top Tadejasays:

    I want to marry you because you took the words right out of my mouth. This is what I have been yelling/pointing out since fucking episode 1. Also there are so many things that dont add up. Like puck got a vasectomy in the beginning of season 2 yet Quinn wanted him to get her pregnant in season 3 or that all of a sudden frankenteen’s dad left them when there was a fucking photo holding a mini frankenteen in season 1. I dont think RIB read what they write

  46. Guest123says:

    brittanas good and all but i much rather have a klaine kiss

  47. Guestsays:

    Faberry all the way. 🙂

  48. ϟRoshee♥Dawsonϟsays:


  49. Faberry loversays:


  50. Aeonsays:

    Kudos to the article writer. Especially for the faberry part. Totally agree.

  51. AmazingJellybeansays:

    You are the voice of tumblr.

  52. finnhatersarestupidsays:

    This is the most biased article I’ve ever read. You can’t ignore how terrible Quinn has been to Rachel for 2 years and remember how Finn was for the 1st season. Ridiculous. This article is full of hypocrisy. Quinn is a bad guy and is written as a bad guy.  I don’t like Quinn.

    1. Cresays:

      Quinn is hardly as bad as the writers like to make her. Yeah, she has her shallow and self-centered moments, but she far from evil. If anything, I’m sick of her always being the designated whipping girl of Finchel. It’s like the only time the writers write for her is when they need another obstacle for their favorite couple to overcome and Quinn always has to make some grandiose gesture to apologies to them when a lot of the time, it’s their own stupidity and bad decision making that keeps them apart most of the time, not Quinn’s so-called manipulations. Finchel gets away with way to much and I’m tired of it!

  53. Tarasays:

    Stupidest article I’ve ever wasted my time reading.

  54. lmaosays:

    why is this article in the finchel tag? it’s asking to get bashed. ha. it’s a ridiculous article and the writer isn’t very good.

  55. Jackie C Agronskysays:


  56. Mirandasays:

    I was with you 100% (except I’ve never been ‘drawn’ to Tina; she’s really boring and irritating. She does need to be recognized, though) until number one. That is so fucking ridiculous I still can’t get over it. Rachel and Quinn have absolutely no chemistry. At all. Ever. Nada. No. Never. Get over it, people. That pairing is so ridiculous I’m embarrassed for every single fan that ever supports them at all, at any point in time, ever. Now, Finn and Rachel are horrible as well. Finn should just die. But Quinn and Rachel? Please pull your head out of your ass.

  57. DABsays:

    This article was awesome, I have read a lot articles about Glee, but this one summarizes the shows problems in the best way ever. And not only because of Faberry. ;D

  58. GleekForeversays:

    And Finn ends up really dying.. How do you guys feel abt it now?

  59. Alyssasays:

    Well this is awkward… Finn is dead on the show and Cory is dead in reality… I think they wished a little too hard. And we don’t even get Faberry in return for the tragedy :'(

  60. Do you realize what this article says? …. did you do this?

  61. Adrisays:

    Well you guys got what you wanted Finn got killed off

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