Bill Burr Changes His Mind About Star Wars Fans

Comedian and actor Bill Burr has a well-documented past with Star Wars fans. In fact, he’s credited his roasting of fans with helping him get the role of mercenary Migs Mayfield in The Mandalorian, as Maxim reported a few months back.

One time, he said Star Wars fans were like adults who read “a cheesy self-help book put in outer space with Muppets.”

However, his position has softened over the years, probably in no small part to actually being a part of the show.

During an interview about his new show on Roku called Immoral Compass, Burr opened up about his feelings toward fans in the present.

“I will tell you this, Star Wars fans, they’re cool, man. They actually have like a chill respectful way they approach you, which was really nice. I come from the sports fan world, they’d say, ‘Hey Billy bitchtits, go fuck yourself’ and I’m just like, ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ So I was used to that, but then they were coming up like, “Hey, Mr. Burr. I really liked your performance” and It’s like, “Oh wow, these these are like fully-formed adults.” I actually had to learn how to converse with them.”

It’s interesting that he’s such a positive response from fans considering his character double-crossed Pedro Pascal’s Mandalorian in an early episode, although he redeemed himself in a later episode.

Burr has expressed interest in returning to the character for season three of the show. While he can’t confirm or deny any involvement, he said he loves the effect the show’s had on people.

“Oh, I hope so. Jon Favreau and Rick Famuyiwa, who wrote both of my episodes that I did — to be a small part of something that big that is that good that means so much to so many people. I’m obviously not allowed to say anything other than I just absolutely love being on that show and I hope it continues and if it doesn’t, I’ve had a blast.”