Billie Eilish corpses hard on Saturday Night Live

As Kate McKinnon returned to Saturday Night Live for the first time this season, it was all about her dynamic with guest host Billie Eilish.

Kate McKinnon made her first appearance this season over the weekend, marking her return after being in Australia filming for the upcoming NBC Tiger King adaptation. The actress, who once won a prime-time Emmy for her role as Hilary Clinton on SNL, is to play Carole Baskin (which is inarguably the most perfect casting) in the upcoming show, alongside John Cameron Mitchell as the titular (and flamboyant) Joe Exotic / Tiger King.

But it was all about her returning to her comedy roots that caught the headlines, with her performance alongside the music industry’s current favorite Billie Eilish that had people laughing. The duo performed a great sketch about the dodgy and slightly off-putting Business Garden Hotel & Suites & Hotel Room Inn. The Emmy-winning actress McKinnon and co-star Eilish couldn’t stop making each other laugh during the sketch.

Eilish performs perfectly in the comedic sketch and shows perhaps she has a future ahead of her in comedy with her timing that works perfectly alongside someone of the caliber of McKinnon. Eilish recently released her sophomore album, Happier Than Ever, which has been a huge success for the 19-year-old – topping many “best of” lists for 2021.

She’s set to embark on a world tour to promote the album, and her image seems to be only getting bigger. Her song for the recent No Time To Die cemented her in pop culture, and she is riding the high of such popularity across different demographics.