Black Canary Plots To Bring Back Her Sister In New Clip From Tomorrow’s Arrow


The CW has released a new clip from tomorrow night’s episode of Arrow, and it focuses on Laurel Lance’s plan to resurrect her sister by taking her body to the Lazarus Pit in Nanda Parbat. However, Nyssa al Ghul clearly isn’t keen on the idea and she can be seen warning the Black Canary off from bringing The Canary back in the video above.

However, seeing as we already know that Caity Lotz is going to be playing Sara in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Nyssa’s argument is obviously falling on deaf ears.


Seeing what happens when Sara does return still promises to be a lot of fun though, especially as Constantine’s arrival in Arrow is expected to coincide with the fallout from her resurrection. The Canary’s death came as a major blow to fans when she was taken out in the season three premiere, while the reveal that a brainwashed Thea Queen was responsible for her death was met with a mixed response.

As a result, Sara’s return in Arrow tomorrow night looks set to make up for that in a major way, so it will be well worth tuning in to see how the whole thing plays out.

Tell us, do you think Arrow is making the right decision by bringing this character back from the dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.