Black Lightning Is Casting Another Outsider For Season 2


Even though Black Lightning has thus far proven to be one of the more serious and dramatic DC TV shows currently airing, it’s been known to get somewhat meta at times. Don’t forget, an Outsiders comic book was proudly displayed during the first season, not to mention both Supergirl and Vixen being name-dropped at various points. Suffice it to say, that’s only fueled more speculation as to from which Earth these heroes originate.

Speaking of the Outsiders, it appears as though the cult favorite team will indeed be forming at some point during season 2. In addition to this series playing host to likes of Black Lightning, Thunder and Grace Choi, another piece of the puzzle will soon fall into place.

You see, the folks over at That Hashtag Show have learned of how the producers are currently seeking a Caucasian actress in her early 20’s for the recurring role of Looker. Furthermore, she’s described as “a youthful looking woman with a soul that has lived for a long time, whose eyes are ethereal and whose look is penetrating.”

While it remains to be seen if the creative minds behind this series are able to get their hands on the likes of, say, Geo-Force or Metamorpho, it’s exciting to see this concept being brought into live action nonetheless. Previously, animated shows such as Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Beware the Batman had flirted with the idea, but we’re guessing this’ll play a big part in what’s to come for this particular tale.

Come to think of it, the timing couldn’t be any better, as DC will soon launch a new Batman and the Outsiders comic book spinning out of Bryan Hill’s recent run on Detective Comics that just so happened to include Jefferson Pierce. Regardless of whether this is coincidental or planned, both sides should greatly benefit.

Black Lightning returns for its second season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.