Black Lightning Joins The Gang In New Crisis On Infinite Earths Promo

Crisis on Infinite Earths

If you haven’t been tuning in for Black Lightning lately, well, then you’ve really been missing out. Without a doubt, it’s consistently been among the better shows on The CW and has only been getting better and better.

If you have been following along though, you’ll know that the series seems to exist in its own universe. Sure, several DC characters like Supergirl and Vixen have been name-dropped, but no proper crossover has happened yet and Jefferson Pierce hasn’t shown up in any of the big mashups that go down each fall.

But next month, that’ll all change, as Black Lightning will definitely be involved in the hugely anticipated “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and thanks to the promo up above, we now have our first look at him interacting with the other heroes. There’s actually a few promos here all mashed into one nice video, and among other things, we see Pierce standing alongside folks like the Flash, Heat Wave and more.

For a while now, fans have been hoping for more concrete links between Black Lightning and the rest of the Arrowverse, and it seems like “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will begin to bring the show further into the franchise. And with Arrow drawing to a close after its current season, it certainly seems like the perfect time to bring the series into the fold, right?

Not to mention that the crossover will have our heroes going up against the Anti-Monitor. Given the near limitless power that character has in the comics, it certainly won’t hurt to have Black Lightning around in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” to give the gang a bit of help. After all, it looks like they’ll need it judging by what we’ve seen so far.