Arrow EP Says Tears Will Be Shed For The Series Finale


In a way, it still feels weird to talk about Arrow‘s series finale when the eighth season premiere has yet to even air, but these next few months will fly by before you know it. In fact, episode 8×06 was the most recent installment to have entered production. That said, filming is already further along than one would think.

Believe it or not, other creative aspects behind the scenes have gotten beyond even that. From the sound of it, work has begun on the teleplay to the series finale, and now the reality of that is beginning to dawn on the cast and crew.

While recently speaking with Entertainment Tonight, executive producer and showrunner Beth Schwartz spoke of how the process is already becoming emotional, saying:

“In the [writers’] room [Monday], we started working on the series finale so it felt very real. I couldn’t believe it. Just saying it, it felt a little bit surreal. Towards the end of every season, we start breaking what’s happening next season and this year, there isn’t a next season. It feels very strange.”

As Schwartz continued, it became apparent how there won’t be a dry eye in the Arrow offices once the time arrives for the series to wrap, admitting:

“It definitely feels like this is the right time for the series to end, but I feel like it’s not going to feel quite real until that last script of the finale comes out. And then I feel like there’s going to be a lot of tears. I’m sure it’ll be the same thing on the last day of filming on set. That’s when it’s going to feel even more real when we’re actually going through it.”

As you may have heard, consulting producer Marc Guggenheim has a certain vision for the final scene which may not be able to be filmed. According to Schwartz, the two haven’t budged on “where we wanted to end it,” so hopefully we wind up receiving the best finale possible.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, October 15th on The CW.