Black Lightning Reveals First Look At Jennifer In Her Lightning Costume


Even though Black Lightning has proven to be a bit different from the rest of its DC TV brethren airing on The CW, it’s thankfully taken a cue from those others by applying the slow burn approach to some of its key characters. Sure, Jefferson Pierce suited up in the series premiere, but it took several more episodes for his daughter, Anissa, to do likewise as Thunder.

That said, viewers have been waiting with bated breath to see Jennifer come into her own as Lightning, something that’s been saved for the sophomore season. Similar to how Roy Harper took his time in becoming Arsenal over on Arrow and how Wally West didn’t immediately storm out of the gate as Kid Flash on The Flash, we’ve been able to chronicle this young girl’s journey from average high school student to superhero.

Despite the midseason premiere promo (found at the top) not having any hints of Jennifer in full Lightning regalia, the network has tided us over during the holiday hiatus by releasing the first official image of her new threads. Seen below, China Anne McClain can now proudly add herself to The CW’s DC pantheon of costumed heroes.

Obviously, the blue and yellow color scheme favored by her father and sister is retained here. But what leads to her taking the final leap remains to be seen because, don’t forget, she and Khalil are still on the run. Yes, I’m aware Jennifer’s been acting out of love, but she’s also been driving her parents nuts. Let’s hope the suit comes along with some growing up. In other words, I understand her motives, but she’s still very much a teenager.

Black Lightning returns with new episodes on Monday, January 21st on The CW, so be sure to note the move to a different night before setting your DVR.