Cress Williams Teases Jennifer’s Heroic Journey For Black Lightning Season 2


If Black Lightning is to share anything in common with its DC TV brethren, it’s that the series started out with several built-in superheroes orbiting the titular character. Similar to how the future Speedy in Thea Queen was present in Arrow‘s pilot episode, and how the would be Vibe and Killer Frost did likewise on The Flash, Jefferson Pierce’s two daughters were fated to one day dispense justice on the streets of Freeland.

Now, the beauty of all this is that while we had Black Lightning himself kicking ass right out of the gate, Thunder and Lightning would be given the slow burn when it came to their own development, with Anissa emerging as the former in season 1. Sporting a cool costume of her own, she fully embraced her powers and her destiny as a superhero. Jennifer, however, is just realizing her potential and being somewhat unwilling, the very opposite of her sister.

When I had a chance to chat with lead actor Cress Williams at Motor City Comic Con last weekend, not only did I learn what he hopes to see in general for season 2, but I couldn’t help asking what’s on the horizon for Jennifer. And when I asked if he thought his youngest onscreen child would be joining the crusade, here’s how he responded:

“Yeah, I think so. I’m excited that it’ll really be different and I hope that we take our time with it because she’s different than Anissa. Anissa embraced her powers from day one, and was ready to put a suit on and fight crime. And Jennifer doesn’t know how to control her powers fully yet and is not quite sure that she wants to do it. It’s gonna be a great journey and we get to do it in a different way.”

So, knowing that we’re about to see the rise of a reluctant hero, it’s natural to assume that China Anne McClain will soon be granted a costume of her own, right? Though no timeline has been given, Williams confirms our hopeful suspicion:

“She’s definitely gonna get a suit, she’ll be fighting crime. I hope we get to see the stumbling through of how to do it.”

Well, I guess Gambi will have to start putting in some extra hours tailoring said threads so Lightning is ready to join the party, which we assume will be in the latter portion of season 2. Speaking of which, Black Lightning is slated to return for its sophomore year on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW.