First Black Lightning Season 2 Trailer Electrifies The Web


When most other DC TV shows were debuting new footage at San Diego Comic-Con back in July, I must admit that I walked away from that weekend less than 100% satisfied because we didn’t see anything from Black Lightning season 2. But realistically, I do believe that cameras had yet to begin rolling down in Atlanta, so it’s understandable that only a season 1 sizzle reel had been shown at the panel.

Today, we’re finally – finally! – able to get our hands on our first look at what’s to come for Jefferson Pierce and the other rising heroes of Freeland now that The CW have put out the first proper promo for the series’ sophomore year. Seen at the top of this article, the video guarantees that we’re in for one hell of a ride come this fall.

Though we can’t quite properly interpret everything that’s been showcased, it’s very much apparent that Tobias Whale’s rise to the top of the underworld will only continue – and that’s certainly bad news for any metahumans in town. But with the formation of the Outsiders likely occurring sooner rather than later, it’s probably safe to assume that the side of good stands a chance.

For more of what to expect, let’s look back on what lead actor Cress Williams told us at Motor City Comic Con not long ago:

“I think we’re gonna get darker, I think we’re gonna be more serialized where it might not be be one overarching season, but, like, little mini-vignettes. But I really want to see it continue to be dark, tackling real issues, and through the daughters…because they’re very different human beings, how they view their powers. I want to show the light side of having powers, but also the dark side of having powers.”

Black Lightning returns for its second season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.