Black Lightning Star Wants More Crossovers Post-Crisis On Infinite Earths

Black Lightning Flash

We only have a week or so to go until the first part of the Arrowverse’s much-anticipated “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. Although we don’t know all the cameos in the crossover episodes, it’s been confirmed that Black Lightning star Cress Williams will play a key role in the proceedings. From what we’ve seen so far, Jefferson Pierce will be turning up in The Flash episode of “Crisis,” and unlike some other characters, he won’t be relegated to a brief cameo.

In fact, it seems that Williams enjoyed his experience so much that he wants to do more crossovers in future seasons of the Arrowverse series. When interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, the actor commented as so about what he’d like to see happen with Black Lightning:

“I hope it’s not a one-off thing. [Actors] wanted to come to Freeland, and I definitely want to come back to them.”

One of the logistical challenges for Black Lightning is that the Arrowverse series are mainly shot in Vancouver, while the former show is produced in Atlanta. Still, it’s not out of the question that Jefferson Pierce will be popping up in future events, as the action of the “Crisis” will more than likely have a significant impact on the world of Black Lightning going forward.

According to the synopsis for part three of the five-part “Crisis,” Black Lightning is recruited by Pariah to join the DC Multiverse-spanning fight against the Anti-Monitor. In this episode of The Flash, Black Lightning will team up with Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon and Killer Frost to find a strategy for taking down the Anti-Monitor. Based on comments by producer Marc Guggenheim, Williams’ character will also have some fun interactions with Legends of Tomorrow‘s Dominic Purcell, so expect him to stick around for the crossover’s finale on that show.

In our opinion, it’d be great to see a stronger continuity between Black Lightning and other Arrowverse series after the “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” although it’s also clear that Williams’ series has its own unique tone compared to other DC shows. Tell us, though, how would you like to see Black Lightning and the series’ cast work within the Arrowverse in the future? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts.