Black Lightning’s Included In Crisis On Infinite Earths In A Very Significant Way

Black Lightning Flash Supergirl

There are so many reasons to be excited for “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” One big one that’s often forgotten amidst them all though is that the event will mark the first time that Black Lightning will crossover with the Arrowverse. Though it’s a DC TV show that airs on The CW, BL has never previously featured any real interconnectivity with its sister series. But that all changes next month when Cress Williams’ Jefferson Pierce hops over to Earth-1.

What’s more, we can expect a major role for Black Lightning in the five-part extravaganza. Entertainment Weekly has run a piece highlighting this part of the crossover, which sees EP Marc Guggenheim explain how a role for the hero in “Crisis” was not originally on the cards due to BL having its production in Atlanta rather than Vancouver. However, once they worked out the logistics of it, he was able to be included in a “a very significant way.”

“The crossover was not originally designed around him,” Guggenheim revealed, citing the fact that Black Lightning films in Atlanta, while the Arrowverse shows primarily film in Vancouver. “Once we did that, it felt like we had elevated the crossover to another level. Black Lightning’s in it much more than we ever anticipated, and he’s in it in a very significant way. That’s something we worked very closely with the team at Black Lightning because the attitude among all of us, but I don’t want to speak for Black Lightning folks, was if we’re going to bring Black Lightning into the crossover, it can’t just be for a cameo. It has to be in a way that feels significant while still, of course, dealing with our time and space limitations.”

Williams was also interviewed, touching on how much fun it was to play the character being thrust into a wider world of superheroes that he never knew existed, much less the situation involving the entire multiverse being under threat.

“Black Lightning gets pulled into the conflict in a very surprising way. He’s not prepared for it. So, he doesn’t know these people. He’s getting introduced into the world for the very first time, and so there’s some conflict early on when he’s trying to figure out, ‘Who are you people and why am I here?’ He’s kind of left off-center, which was really fun to play.”

Guggenheim teased that there’s one particular interaction between Black Lightning and another Arrowverse regular that he loved. Expect Mick Rory and Jefferson to share some screentime in the crossover and for Heatwave to nickname him Sparkles.

The synopsis and promo images for “Part Three” have revealed that this is where Williams will first appear in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” This is The Flash episode of the event and the final one to air in 2019. Supergirl and Batwoman kick things off on Sunday, December 8th before things come to a cliffhanger on Tuesday, December 11th. The crossover then concludes with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow a month later on January 14th.