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Blade was never considered for ‘Moon Knight’ cameo, but Black Knight was

MCU writer Jeremy Slater revealed that the character was "off limits".

Despite the expanding number of Marvel’s supernatural characters, Blade was never on the table to appear in Moon Knight a new report claims.

Moon Knight embodied plenty of the supernatural elements that the MCU will be tackling when it reaches the upcoming Mahershala Ali led Blade reboot, but when speaking to Comicbook.com, head writer on the show Jeremy Slater revealed that the vampire hunter was off-limits.

“We’re told in advance which characters are a little bit off limits. And I think at the time we were cracking Moon Knight, they were also kind of trying to crack the Blade story and try to figure out what that was. And so I think they wanted to keep them separately.”

While Blade wasn’t an option, the writer did reveal that there was one supernatural character that was discussed, the Black Knight played by Kit Harington.

The character first entered the MCU in Eternals and during that film’s conclusion, a crossover with Blade was teased. Given this, and the story being told in Moon Knight, the team felt that having Black Knight appear didn’t make enough sense.

“It felt like that would be a waste of the money that it would cost to get Kit Harrington in there. And also it’s just there’s only so much you can tease those reveals before people start to get frustrated. 

There’s no space in those first two episodes to really have him suit up and really involve the Black Knight in the storyline. So we ultimately said it didn’t make sense to make this connection. But it was definitely something we spent a couple days in the room talking about.”

While Blade didn’t feature in Moon Knight, the crossover between the two productions could still come to be as Moon Knight’s newest hero the Scarlet Scarab actress May Calamawy recently shared her interest in crossing over into the Blade universe.

Right now it isn’t clear when we’ll see Blade on the big screen, or when fans will get to see Moon Knight next. More news on these two characters should be revealed later in the year.

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